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eTwinning Exchange Experience for St. Michael School

Exchange Visit with the Istituto Comprensivo Valle dei Laghistmich

Radiant smiling, yet tired faces appeared coming out from the arrival lounge at around 2:30 p.m. last Saturday. Our Second Formers together with their teachers were returning from a memorable etwinning experience in Vezzano, Italy. With a stunning packed programme, full of engaging activities and a welcoming hosting school that surpassed all our expectations, our students had a wonderful week full of excursions, sports, lessons and sharing of friendship. If we were to summarize the experience in a few words we would say that the experience was simply superb!

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Exchanging Teaching Ideas Between Countries Project

Exchanging Teaching Ideas Between Countries

Project by:
Michelle Cauchi
Year 1
St. Clare College
Gzira Primary School

In March 2008 our school St Clare College, Gzira Primary, Malta, together with Zespol Szkono- Przedszkolny- Wilzca, Poland decided to start a project called “Exchanging Teaching Ideas Between Countries”. The teachers involved in this project are Michelle Cauchi (Malta) and Iwona Pietrucha (Poland) both teaching children aged 4-6 years.

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Creating Digital Animation through PDAs

by Stefania Briffa, St. Benedict College, Girls Junior Lyceum, St. Lucia


A group of form five students from St. Benedict College Girls Junior Lyceum, St. Lucia has participated in the eTwinning Carnival Animation Competition. Given that this competition focused more on innovation, we tried to be as innovative as possible. Hence the students were asked to do their animations on the school’s Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). Our school is promoting the concept of mobile learning through the use of a number of PDAs that the school acquired through a European project in collaboration with the University of Malta. These innovative devices are being used in various subjects such as Italian, Spanish, Physics, German, Home Economics, Mathematics, Biology and History.


Appropriate software called FlipIt was bought on purpose for this competition. This software works only on PDAs and allows the user to hand draw the frames one by one. It allows a low-opacity view of the previous frame as a guide to the next one. Toolbars are quite limited and the application doesn’t allow any copy/pasting features. Hence students had to do every frame by hand. This highlighted the excellent artistic capabilities of the students. The application allows you to save the animation as a gif file.





Students enjoyed it a lot. They worked in groups of four and produced amazing animations. One of the groups won the third prize and they were presented with a certificate and a 2GB pendrive during the school rollcall by the eTwinning Coordinator Ms. Jeanette Cardona. The other participants were given various eTwinning tokens.




The competition winners together with Ms. McNamara, head of school and Ms. Cardona, eTwinning Coordinator

PDW Report in Roskilde, Denmark – Climate Change

Report by Marvic Refalo

pdwdenmark1This international workshop took place on the 26th to the 28th March in Roskilde, Denmark, as part of the Creativity and Innovation European Year. 110 teachers and NSSs from 35 countries attended to share experiences and organise new projects all related to Global Warming and Climate Change. All participants were greeted with a tag marked with a coloured dot showing the amount of CO2 damage done in order to travel to this PDW.

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eTwinning Competition’s Prize Giving to Schools

On Wednesday 1st April, Friday 3rd April and Monday 6th April 2009, the National Coordinator visited the schools who won the Carnival Digital Animation Competition.

Primary Category


Winners of the 3rd Prize: St. Clare College, Pembroke Primary


Secondary Category


Winners of the 1st Prize: St. Benedict College, Tarxien Girls Secondary


Winners of the 2nd Prize: St. Gorg Preca College, Hamrun Boys Junior Lyceum


Consolation Prizes


St. Benedict College, Tarxien Girls Secondary


St. Clare College, Sliema Primary

eTwinning evening course 2009

Last week marked the end of the eTwinning evening course 2009. During the last class session on the 23rd March, a virtual closure meeting was organized through FlashMeeting for the 1st April 2009.

FlashMeeting is a free online conferencing application, which allows a group of people to meet from anywhere in the world through an internet connection. The meeting is pre-booked by one of the users and a link, containing a unique password for the meeting, is then passed on to all participants.  For Maltese teachers, to book a FlashMeeting event, send an email to Rose Anne Xerri on It is important to give the following information to book the meeting: school, school telephone number, teacher’s name, date of conference, time and duration of the conference, a title for the conference and the number of participants for the conference.

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eTwinning Seminar for Kindergarten Assistants

On Monday 31st March 2009, a seminar was organized at the eLearning Centre for Kindergarten Assistants.  Due to the large number of Kindergarten Assistants applying to attend, two labs had to be used on Monday and a repeat seminar was also organized on Thursday 2nd April 2009.

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