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Ning – Social Networking

ning_logoNing is an online platform, used primarily for creating private or closed social networks. Unlike other popular social networking applications such as Facebook or MySpace, which are open for all to join, Ning allows users to create private network for a particular group of online users. The network can be kept as private or as public as the creator desires, and each member can be granted different permissions and given different roles in the general running of the network. Ning is being increasingly used in the educational field as both a tool and platform for collaboration. Users can opt to either take part in other members’ social networks or create a network from scratch of their own.

Report by Amanda R. Debattista

Sharing Resources – Online Slide-Shows

One of the most common types of resources which you might be in possession of are Slide Shows – Picture Slide shows or more traditional presentations or Power Point shows. Both can be adapted to online uploading and viewing – on a website, wiki or blog.

Article by Amanda R. Debattista

eTwinning class celebration at Hamrun GP Primary

certOn the 18th June, Ms. Maria Antoinette Magro of Year 4M at Hamrun GP Primary organized an eTwinning celebration to close her eTwinning year with her present pupils. Ms. Magro invited the pupils’ parents for this celebration which took place in the school media room. She also invited the eTwinning National Coordinator to present a certificate to each child. A board was put up in the room with a sample of all the 5 projects the pupils have participated in this year. The projects were: Home Sweet Home with a partner from Poland, Kids in Malta and Norway far away but learning together with a Norwegian partner, This is my life with a Scottish partner and Animal Talk and Schoolovision 2009 with about 30 partners from all over Europe. The latter project was also a runner up in the National eTwinning Awards which were announced at the end of May 2009.

The cermony started with Ms. Maria Antoinette Magro’s introduction to the parents and a short resume’ of all the 5 projects, their aims and conclusions. Next, it was time for a short message from Jeannette Cardona, the eTwinning coordinator, where the parents got an insight of what eTwinning is all about and the benifits their kids had gained from participating in such projects. The eTwinning coordinator presented all the pupils with the certificates Ms. Magro had presented and also gave them a token for their 2nd place in the National Awards.

The pupils then sang the song which they participated with for the Schoolovision 2009 project entitled Il-Vapur ta’ l-Art. All the parents enjoyed listening to their pupils sing and even joined in by clapping to the beat.

Ms. Magro had another surprize for the pupils. She prepared them a token as a keepsake for the winning project and she gave one to each pupil.

After the cermony, some refreshments were served.

Presentation of eTwinning tokens at Qrendi Primary

On Friday 12th June, Ms. Jeannette Cardona, the eTwinning national coordinator, visitid St Benedict College, Qrendi Primary to congratulate herself with the pupils participating in the project which placed third in the primary category for the National eTwinning Awards. The head of school welcomed her and called all the pupils of the school to attend for the presentation. The coordinator explained shortly what eTwinning is and how these pupils had managed to collaborate with a sicilian school to create the winning project. All the Year 5 and Year 6 pupils were given an eTwinning pouch to remember their success.

The school took the opportunity to repeat the short play the Year 6 pupils had prepared for their farewell and the head of school and assistant head also had some praising words for all the pupils, especially those who had contributed to publish stories in various newspapers or magazines.

eTwinning: Closing this school year, planning for the next!

We hope that you’ve had an enjoyable eTwinning year. We have seen a lot of great projects take flight over the last year within the new eTwinnig Portal and this is all thanks to your support and hard work. Well done!

Some things to keep in mind for the summer months:

eTwinning Quality Labels
If you have run a successful eTwinning project this year, apply for an eTwinning National Quality Label. This is your first step towards participating in next fall’s eTwinning Prizes 2010 competition.

The new TwinSpace
The new TwinSpace will be launched in September 2009. All projects approved after 1 September will be equipped with the new TwinSpace platform.

Closing projects
At the end of the summer, all running projects within the eTwinning Platform will be closed. In case you have a project that will continue, you can easily re-open it or, even better, register a new one with the new TwinSpace.

Let us open our Hearts on Africa

Let us open our Hearts on Africap_08etpol01

Project by:
Mario Xerri
Gozo College
Girls Secondary School

Project Participants:
• Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych nr 3 w Mysłowicach (Poland)
• Gozo College Girls Secondary School (Malta) – Class 3 Liedna

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Using Flashmeeting in Project Work

Article by Maria Antoinette Magro, Yr 4 teacher at San Gorg Preca College, Hamrun GP

flsh07Every activity instils excitement and great enthusiasm in all those involved in it. On the morning of the 27th April 2009, we were all excited and enthusiastic. Why?

The Year 4M students of Dun Gorg Preca Primary School in St. Gorg Preca College, were eagerly waiting for the clock to strike eleven to start a videoconference with fifteen European Schools using FlashMeeting.

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