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eTwinning Project: Legends for you and me

Legends for you and me

Project by: Elizabeth Micallef, Mario Vella & Maria Ciappara of St. Benedict College, Qrendi Primary.

What a fantastic experience this eTwinning project has awarded us staff and pupils at St Benedict Qrendi Primary School!

The project was registered by Elizabeth Micallef from Qrendi Primary and Anna Manzella from G. Lombardo Radice Primary School in Syracuse during an eTwinning weekend seminar at the eLearning centre in Floriana. Afterwards two teachers from Qrendi Primary were invited to join the project and each teacher took a Maltese legend and after translating it with the class exchanged it with Anna Manzella who sent a legend from Sicily to each Maltese teacher. Maria Ciappara B.Educ. (Hons) teacher of Year 5 and Mario Vella B.Educ. (Hons) teacher of Year 6 each worked on their Sicilian legend with their own class.

The pupils in year 5 chose a local legend called ‘Il-Misteru tal-Maqluba’ which is set in the village of Qrendi. Then, as part of a writing lesson the children translated this story into English with the use of keywords we had established as a class. Photos of the Maqluba site were taken and these together with the translation of the legend were sent to Sicily.


The teacher from Sicily did the same. She sent a legend to the Year 5 class together with photos. The legend was called ‘Il Fonte di Aretusa’. The year 5 pupils worked in groups to come up with an innovative story using the pictures sent from Syracuse based on the legend from Greek Mythology. After the first drafts were finished, the stories of all the groups were read out to the whole class and the best one was voted for. The children had to keep in mind these criteria:

  • innovation 
  • creativity
  • good use of photos provided
  • good description of the scenery

The scenery description in the story was important since after writing the story, the children had to work on the illustrations for the innovated legend. The best innovation was chosen and as a class effort it was edited and improved. Children added describing words, adverbs, expressions they’ve learnt as well as worked on a better conclusion. Each child worked on a ‘scene’ or ‘shot’ from the story to create the illustrations.

After these were done, the pupils took photos of their illustrations and practiced their intonation when reading the complete story. Each one of them was going to be recorded narrating a part of the story. Everything was transferred onto a Photostory.

Throughout this project the children not only worked on skills mentioned in the NMC and primary syllabus such as English, writing, reading, art, group work and democracy but were highly motivated and learning became a joy. The result made them proud of themselves.

The year 6 e-Twinning Project ‘Legends for you and me’ was to translate the Maltese legend of Saint Dimitrius into English and put it into a Powerpoint presentation. This was e-mailed to our Italian partners so that they could work on it and innovate it.

On the other hand, our Italian partners sent us the text of a Sicilian legend of Colapesce. We translated the text of the legend from Italian into English and all the year 6 pupils together innovated the story. We published the legend as a Powerpoint presentation and also as a booklet using Print Shop. The booklet with the innovated legend was also presented for the World Book Day Competition 2009 and was awarded a consolation prize. The students also prepared original drawings related to the legend which were integrated both within the Powerpoint presentation as well as within the booklet. The Year 6 class, named the innovated legend Fredrick the Merman.

Thanks to this initiative, the year 6 pupils learnt to appreciate each other’s efforts more and definitely improved in English. As a result of the e-Twinning Project, the children became more interested in reading and also more proficient in using ICT, not only as a tool but also for research purposes and it was fully integrated within lessons. They became very familiar with using Power Point and Print Shop across the curriculum. Thanks to the e-Twinning Project, the Year 6 students learnt to make Power Point presentations themselves. A good number of them also took the initiative to prepare Power Point presentations about various topics within the curriculum. Thanks to this project, the year 6 pupils could reach beyond the four walls of the classroom and work hand-in-hand with their peers in Syracuse.


The most rewarding achievement of this project was the professional collaboration between the Qrendi school staff, Art and ICT peripatetic teachers the eTwinning coordinator Jeannette Cardona and the Sicilian teacher. The enthusiasm for the project is very strong and will continue during the summer and the coming scholastic year. We feel confident in our strength as a group and because of our strong collaboration we decided to apply for a Comenius Partnership.

The strategy we used to do this project was to put at our disposal some of the timetable allotment of English, Maltese, ICT and Art. So this means that we embedded our eTwinning project in our syllabus. We used our project of “Legends for you and me” to develop the syllabus of each particular class and motivate our pupils.

Our success criteria were to obtain the Quality Label and win a placing in the National Competition while with regards to the pupils our success was achieved through the high quality work that the pupils produced in the subject areas that were targeted. We also used the morning Assembly to show the whole school the product of our project, when all the pupils took part to read out in English the innovated stories and display the drawings.
Winning the third prize was really wonderful. The prize which is a printer, scanner and photocopier all in one will surely help us to do even better in our future projects.