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Commonwealth Youth Games: Project Proposal

cwlThe Isle of Man will be hosting the next Commonwealth Youth Games and all Manx Schools have been paired with a Commonwealth Country as a part of this. Michael Primary School, of Manx, Isle of Man, has been paired with Malta.

Boakesey Boakes, one of the teachers in the school, would like to start off an eTwinning Project with Malta, and establish a link with our schools.  If you are interested in starting off a project with him, go to your eTwinning Desktop and look up Boakesy Boakes of Michael Primary School, United Kingdom in the Partner Finding Section.

For more information about this interesting project, contact the National Support Service on 25982150 or by e-mail at

Good luck with your project :)

New TwinSpace Notes

twispaceThe Central Support Service (CSS) has just published a list of FAQ’s on the newly launched TwinSpace.  TwinSpace is a collaborative workspace which is automatically generated for all eTwinning Projects.  Projects founded after September 2009 have the new version of TwinSpace available. The new TwinSpace was created with LifeRay, and makes use of today’s Web 2.0 technology, such as Blogs, Wikis, and embedding of videos and animations.

For more information about the new TwinSpace, go to  You can also call Malta’s National Support Service on 25982150.

Winter Traditions and Customs: Partners Wanted !

xmasA teacher from Romania, Parmena Orzetic, is interested in starting a project about Winter Traditions and Customs in Europe.  Her message reads:

“We live together but we are different.  Let’s discover one another by sharing information, pictures and pupils’ work”

Parmena’s school in Romania caters for pupils aged between 7-14 years of age. If you are interested in this project do not reply directly to this post, but look up Parmena Orzetic in the Partner Finding section of the eTwinning Desktop, and add her as a friend to start communicating with her.

For more information, contact Amanda Debattista at Malta’s NSS on 25982150 or by e-mail on

Good luck with your project :)

Spanish Teacher Looking for Pen-Pals

spain1Eduard Cots, a teacher of 4th graders (9 year olds) from Spain is looking for partners to start off a project with other European schools.  He plans that the children will be exchanging letters and other ICT-related materials during the year.

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eTwinning Project about Chocolate

chocolateA Portuguese teacher – Natercia Arqueiro from Porto de Mós in Portugal would like to make an eTwinning project about chocolate. Her message reads:

Chocolate is a delicacy that nobody is indifferent to. All countries live with its presence and it accompanies us in good and bad moments of our lives. Although we talk a lot about chocolate and it is present in our daily lives, it appears that it is still very unknown and mysterious.

We intend to start a “Journey to the Heart of Chocolate” and discover its secrets and its sweet / sour side. That way, we dedicate ourselves to the cultural, emotional, human, culinary, nutritional, historical and commercial aspects and others of this product. »

Anybody interested in such a project can find her name – Natercia Arqueiro – in the Partner Finding section of their eTwinning profile.  For more help you can contact the Malta National Support Service on 25982150 or on

Courses in eLearning

The Curriculum Management and eLearning Department is offereing a number of free eLearning courses for teaching staff in Malta and Gozo during the present scholastic year. Circular CMeLD 250/2009 has been sent to all schools with the list of courses available. There is a variety of courses from very basic computer awareness to more technical or advanced courses.


course002One of the courses offered is the eTwinning course called: eTwinning: Online Collaborative Projects. This is a blended course consisting of 6 face to face sessions at the eLearning Centre Labs and 2 online sessions using videoconferencing. The main aim of this course is of helping teachers to collaborate with European teachers using innovative methodologies. Apart from dealing with the eTwinning Portal and its tools, this course will also cover working with digital still images and digital videos, digital animations, presentations, free online authoring software and audio and video conferencing.

Many other courses could be useful for those interested in using ICT within their project work, including eTwinning projects.


This year we are also launching two other blended courses (some sessions in the lab and some online). These are:

  1. Collaborative Applications in the Classroom – creating a classroom wiki and using other online applications such as online slide shows, online poster makers and other widgets which can be embedded in the wiki.
  2. Stop Motion Animation in Education – integrating the use of ICT and new digital media through the creation of digital animations.

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Le Noel approche… an eTwinning project in French

ecardMs. Magdalena Madajczyk-Glowacka from Poland is looking for a partner to exchange electronic Christmas Cards in French.

She says:

Chers collegues, les journees sont de plus en plus courtes, il fais frais, on sent l’hiver qui approche…:( Et le Noel! :) Qui voudrait bien echanger des cartes (forme electronique de preference, plus vite et plus facile…) realisees par les eleves en francais?

If you are interested you can find Magdalena Madajczyk-Glowacka in the Partner Finding section on your eTwinning profile, or contact the Maltese National Support Service for help on or