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My Native City by Five Senses – a New eTwinning Project

A Lithuanian teacher is looking for the partners for their eTwining project: “MY NATIVE CITY BY FIVE SENSES”.The main idea – Understanding the world around us through our the five senses – hearing, sight, touch, smell and taste. Pupils are invited to tell about their native city, its culture, people, traditions, according to each sense.

Phase 1 – Teachers with children and their parents gather information about the home town of important objects, famous people, ancient cultural heritage, places of interest, language, culture and traditions.

Phase 2 – Students will present their presentation of the city, on the basis of vision.

Phase 3 – The stage presentation will focus on the hometown sounds.

Phase 4 – At this stage, students will tell you, the smell of their city.

Phase 5 – Information relating to urban tastes.

Phase 6 – Touch in our city.

Phase 7 – Project reflection.

All works are to be prepared for presentation in a presentation software and placed on the Internet.

If you are interested to join you can find Sigita Koroliove in the Partner finding section of your profile to contact her.

If you need more help you can contact Malta National Support Service on or on 79002150

E-PAPER project – eTwinning partners wanted!

Ms. Lidia del Carmen Navarro Sánchez from Spain is looking for partners to create an E-Paper. She wrote:

Looking for mates! My intention: create an e-paper, using as topics: culture, sports, food…. to compare with the same topics in other countries.

Anyone interested in this project can find her through the partner finding section of your eTwinning profile. If you find any difficulties please contact the National Support Service on or on 79002150.

eTwinning Teachers of Spanish – Partner Wanted

An Italian teacher, Ms. Roberta Giuffrida, is seeking to start a project with teachers of Spanish:

Alumnos italianos de nivel elemental/intermedio buscan chicos para comunicar y aprender español

You can go to your eTwinning profile and find Ms. Roberta Giuffrida in the partner finding section. If you need help you can always contact the National Support Service on or 79002150.

Good luck!

Partner Finding from the Netherlands

den_180_319_optMr. Rien Hazekamp of Driemaster school in Leiderdorp, The Netherlands, is looking for eTwinning Partners to start a project with a Maltese school. Leiderdorp is a Primary School and the year group interested in starting a project are 8-10 years old.  Mr. Hazekamp writes:

“Hi! Our school is involved in three Comenius projects and one Leonardo.  The school also has eTwinning contacts.  We are now looking for new eTwinning Partners, for students aged 8-10 years old.  The topics we are interested in are culture, geography and history.  The main language for the proejct would be Enlgish”

If you are interested in striking a partnership with Driemaster school, do not reply to this post, but look up Rien Hazekamp in the Partner Finding section of the eTwinning Desktop, and add him as a friend in order to start communicating with him.  For more information do not hesitate to contact the eTwinning National Support Service on 25982150 or by e-mail on

Good luck with your project :)

eTwinning Project: Love our Planet!

earthMs. Carmito Leitão, a Primary school teacher from Mª do Carmo Leitãp, Várzea de Abrunhais, Portugal, would like to start an eTwinning Project called ‘Love our Planet’.  Ms. Carmito has sent her project proposal to the National Support Service in Malta.  She writes:

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eTwinning Twinspace Seminar


Few spaces for this seminar are available. Please call on 25982150 / 79002150 to book or send an email to till Wednesday 24th February.

An eTwinning pack will be given to all participants. Refreshments will be served after the seminar.

Photos for eTwinning publications

photocalletwinning projectWe are in the process of creating new print material for eTwinning and need photos of students doing eTwinning project work. Anyone interested in sending us some photos, feel free to do so. Photos can be sent either by email to or on a disc to the eTwinning office.

Please remember that any photos you are sending us which portray students must have the consent of the students’ parents (AUP form).