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An eTwinning Project for Head Teachers

schoolmanagement_optA group of head teachers from various countries are doing a project about School Management Practices in Europe, to share experiences among school managers.

 The partners share presentations, documents and ideas about their countries,  educational system and school management in their countries. Different ideas and styles will be discussed on the forum.

If you are interested in joining this project, you can find Nuri ÖZTÜRK in the Partner Finding section of your eTwinning profile and send him an email to ask to join this project. If you are still not part of the eTwinning network, you can register at For further help you can also contact the National Support Service on or 25982150/79002150

eTwinning Projects Kits

project-kitReady-made project kits are step-by-step guides to successful eTwinning projects.

The European eTwinning Helpdesk, together with teachers from different countries, have designed a number of kits for teachers who are looking for concrete ideas on how to implement a European collaborative project. Each kit relates to a theme and provides information on the target group, objectives and pedagogical value of the activities. eTwinning Kits can be used as such or adapted to your teaching context.

You can have a look at the available kits at: . Click on the subject you are mostly interested in and you will be given a list of kits related to it. At the right hand side you are also given the kits that have been mostly rated.


When you find a kit you like, you can then find a partner to work it out with. If you are and eTwinner, all you have to do is use the Partner finding section to search for a partner or to leave a post in the Partner Finding forum. If you not yet an eTwinner, go to and click on the registration button to enroll.

Every now and then we will start giving highlights of interesting projects kits for you to evaluate too.

If you need help in enrolling or in partner finding, don’t hesitate to contact the National Support Service on 25982150/79002150 or

eTwinning Project – A calender 2011 with national book heroes – Partners Wanted

gahan_cMs Nevenka Mlinar from Slovenia wishes to create a calendar with national book heroes. The idea is to draw the national heroe(s), give a very brief description of the heroe(s) (name, what he did in the book, what is s/he famous for…). The description will be in english and in mother tongue. Each partner will upload the drawing(s) in the TwinSpace or send them to the partners’ schools. Each partner will make a calender for 2011 with national book heroes with one from a different country each month. Each drawing should also include a wish for the month connected with the heroe’s character. For example: our national book heroe is Martin Krpan who was very strong so a possible wish for the month could be: Be strong!

It will take time to find partners, so I’d like to start this project in september 2010 and finish it in december 2010. Each partner will make its own calender with different book heroes.

If you are interested, please find Nevenka Mlinar in the Partner Finding section of your eTwinning profile. If you are new to eTwinning you have to register first on

For further information contact the eTwinning National Support Service on or on 25982150 / 79002150

PDW Report – Gothenburg, Sweden – Head Teachers

Report by: Ms Lorna Schembri, Service Manager ICT in Education, Mr Horace Caruana, College Principal and Mr Anthony Sammut, College Principal

Between the 11th and 13th March 2010, the above mentioned delegation represented Malta at the European Professional Development Workshop held in Gothenburg, Sweden. These workshops were aimed at Head Teachers and administrative school staff.

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eTwinning Animation Video

 The eTwinning team is pleased to present the eTwinning Animation. This short language-free clip, presented for the first time during the eTwinning Conference in Seville on 5 February, gives a flavour of what is possible in eTwinning.

Apply for the eTwinning National Quality Label today!

national_quality_label_logo_newWith reference to the Circular CMeLD 45/2010, the eTwinning National Support Service would like to draw the attention to all those who have ongoing eTwinning collaborative projects with partners from Europe that they need to apply for the eTwinning National Quality Label to be eligible to take part in the National Awards competition. The deadline to submit your application for the National Quality Label in order to participate in this year’s National Awards is the 16th April 2010. Only projects granted the National Quality Label during this scholastic year are eligible to take part in the National Awards 2010 competition. For more information about the Quality Label read more here.

The eTwinning National Quality Label

national_quality_label_logo_newThe eTwinning National Quality Label is a certificate granted to teachers with excellent eTwinning projects. This certificate indicates that the project has reached a certain national standard. Your project will be marked with the Quality Label logo so that anyone viewing it will know that this is a quality project. 

Why should you apply for this label?

  1. The National Quality Label is a concrete recognition to teachers of high level of eTwinning activities. It also shows that the teacher has a commitment to quality and the ability to work collaboratively.
  2. This certificate will automatically give you the opportunity in taking part in the Annual eTwinning National Awards competition where the best collaborative projects will be awarded.
  3. Having this label will entitle you to be invited for the eTwinning National Awards ceremony for the presentation of a printed version of this certificate.
  4. If both you and your project partner are granted the National Quality Label, then you will also be granted the European Quality Label which entitles you to participate in the European Awards.

What are the criteria to be granted this label?

  1. Pedagogical Innovation and Creativity: Show how your project displays an innovative approach to teaching and learning and the creative ways you used to carry out the activities related to the project and to create the final product.
  2. Curricular Integration: Show how the project is integrated into the curriculum and which of its aspects it tackles.
  3. Collaboration between partner schools: Show how the project was planned between the partner teachers and the role of each partner. Show what kind of collaboration there was between the pupils taking part of the project.
  4. Creative use of ICT: State which tools and devices were used in the project and how they were significant for the accomplishment of the project results.
  5. Sustainability and Transferability: Show how the project could be expanded upon and how it could be used as a template for others to reproduce a similar project.
  6. Results and Benefits: Show what the outcomes of the project were and what the benefits were for the participants and their schools.
    How can you apply for this label?

In the section My Projects on your eTwinning profile, you will find a link “Apply for Quality Label” in the middle column of your project. Click on the link and fill in the details requested. Once you submit the form, a copy will be sent to the Malta National Support Service for evaluation. You will be notified once you are granted this label or contacted if any of the criteria mentioned above have not been met.