Monthly Archive for May, 2010

Three more eTwinning Teacher-Training workshops at Embed

On the third day of the eTwinning National Conference and Embed 2010, three more workshops were set up for teachers in the afternoon.


Ms. Amanda Debattista, eTwinning NSS, delivered a workshop called eTwinning for Primary Schools, in which the participants went through a review of the eTwinning portal and desktop and were given the opportunity to share and discuss projects they carried out during the year. On the second part of the workshop the participants were able to work with three online applications: Glogster, Sketchfu and Voki.


Ms. Marianne Schembri, eTwinning Ambassador, held a workshop about The New TwinSpace and VideoConferencing.  She showed how to manage pages and how to upload material in the new TwinSpace. In the second part of the session Elluminate was used to show the participants how to make a video conference with project partners abroad.


Ms. Mary Vassallo, Smart IWB trainer, held another workshop about The Use of the Smart Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom for beginners.

These three workshops were the last from the number of teacher-training workshops offered to teachers during the eTwinning National Conference and Embed 2010. From evaluations given by participants, all the workshops were considered useful and of great interest.

Easi-Scope Workshop on the eTwinning Stand

The eTwinning stand at EMBED Best Use of ICT featured some interesting new technologies, such as the Easi-Scope mircoscope lens.  This special microscope can be attached to the computer via USB and images taken from it are projected on the PC screen.  One can also take a still photo or even a video of the projection with a simple click.  In this video, Ms. Marianne Schembri demonstrates the use of the Easi-scope around nature, by magnifying flowers, butterfly cocoons, ants, snails and tree barks.

The use of the Easi-scope can easily be embedded into an eTwinning project about nature and the environment and other science related projects.  For more information about how to start off an eTwinning project, contact the National Support Services on 25982150 or by email on

Embed 2010 – Day 2

Pupils started arriving at the the Grand Hotel Excelsior at 9am for their workshops and to visit the exhibition. Today we also had a great number of Maths students visiting since the Maths Department organized a presentation of the Maths awards to their students.


After this presentation, the students with their teachers visited the Maths exhibition stand, all the college stands, the eTwinning stand and the Microsoft stand.



Other students were taking part in a variety of workshops as you can see here.

Beebot workshop




Wii workshop



Lego Minstorms NXT workshop





Design & Technology workshop



Smart Interactive Whiteboard workshop


 Lego WeDo workshop


Promethean Interactive Whiteboard workshop



At 3.30 teachers arrived to the teacher-training workshops organized by eTwinning. Three workshops took place this evening, Online Collaborative Projects for Language Teachers, The Use of Smart Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom for Beginners and The Use of Promethean Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom for Intermediate / Advanced Users.




St. Gorg Preca College Paola A pupils using Tuff Cams at the eTwinning workshop

A group of pupils from St Gorg Prece College, Paola Primary A visited the eTwinning stand and took part in the TuffCam workshop, where they were given the cameras to shoot photos of the 10 college stands at the Embed: Best Use of ICT event. Some of the photos they took can be seen in this presentation.

San Andrea pupils at eTwinning workshops

Some of San Andrea pupils who visited the eTwinning stand at the Embed 2010 exhibition used TuffCams to shoot photos of some other workshops taking place. Here is a presentation of some of the photos they took.

Robotics Workshops during EMBED Best Use of ICT

During EMBED, Best Use of ICT week held at the Excelsior Hotel in Floriana, a number of interactive workshops took place where the visiting students were engaged in innovative activities.

Two of the workshops showed how robots can be used in the classroom, both with Primary schools (Bee-Bots) and Secondary schools (Lego-Mindstorms).

Bee-Bots and Lego Mindstorms (the latter having also being introduced in the Computer Studies Syllabus for Secondary schools) can also be used as a springboard for an innovative eTwinning project.  If you would like to know how to embed these robotics sets into your curriculum and how to start a different and interesting eTwinning project, contact the eTwinning National Support Service on 25982150 or by email on

You may also visit our eTwinning stand at the EMBED Best Use of ICT Exhibition at the Excelsior Hotel in Floriana, on Saturday 22nd May between 9am – 1pm and on Sunday between 3pm – 7pm.

The eTwinning National Conference is on!

The eTwinning National Conference 2010 started off this morning at the Grand Hotel Excelsior as part of the Embed 2010: Best Use of ICT events. The exhibition stand has been put up on Monday and Tuesday with many resources various teachers taking part in eTwinning sent us. A section of the eTwinning stand is also dedicated to the 5th anniversary of eTwinning and includes all the birthday cards sent by pupils to commemorate the 5th of May 2010.


The first activity running on the eTwinning stand was a videoconference with a group of students from St. Benedict College, Sta Lucia Girls Secondary communicating with a group of students from the Istituzione Scolastica Comunità Montana Mont Rose A in Pont Saint Martin, Italy with their teachers, Prof. Cristina Sibilio and Prof. Donatella Camizzi. An Italian eTwinning ambassador, Prof.  Costantino Soudaz, from Isitip Verrès in Verrés, Italy was also present for the videoconference. The students presented themselves and then asked and answered some questions.  Another videoconference took place with a group of pupils from St. Theresa College, St. Venera Primary who communicated with a school from Yester Primary School, East Lothian, Scotland.


The Director for Curriculum Management and eLearning visited the exhibition and ongoing workshops.


During all the day, various groups of students and pupils came to our stand to see the Easi-scope and Easi-talk activity taking place. Ms. Miriam Schembri, eTwinning Ambassador and KG Assistant at St Thomas More College, Fgura Primary A, showed visitors how to use and explore little objects and insects with this hand held microscope and to record videos of what they see through it. The participants were also asked to relate what they learnt using the Easi-talk to record their thoughts.

img_3513   img_3514   img_3515

Other visitors took a look at all the resources exhibited on our stand. Amongst these, the Mosta pupils who participated in an eTwinning project and sent us their material, came by and were so pleased to see what they had made. This creates visibility for their work and they were very proud of it.


In the afternoon, eTwinning delivered the first two teacher-training workshops, eTwinning for Beginners and Using the Promethean Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom for beginners, delivered by Jeannette Cardona and Reuben Schembri respectively.