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Music Project – Maltese partner wanted

Natasha Djurkova, a teacher of 14-18 year olds from Bulgaria, is trying to form a group of teachers for a European Music project. Each country will exchange national music portraits and a CD with national music of participating countries. In April there will be a  music contest “Music Awards”. Each school will record a video clip FOR ONE national song performed by students. After voting, the best one will be rewarded with a trophey.

Anyone interested can find Natasha Djurkova on the eTwinning portal and contact her, or else contact the Maltese National Support Service, Jeannette Cardona ( or Amanda Debattista ( for further information.

Apply today for the eTwinning National Quality Label!

This is the first step towards participating in the European eTwinning Prizes 2011 competition!

You must have a European Quality Label to participate in the European eTwinning Prizes 2011 competition.

How do you get at European Quality Label?

The first step is to have a National Quality label. Applying is very easy, just login to your eTwinning Desktop and fill out the online form.

What is the National Quality Label?

The National Quality Label is concrete recognition to teachers and schools of the high level of their eTwinning activities within their project work. For pupils and teachers, this offers a boost to their work efforts, and for the school in general, it is a public affirmation of their commitment to quality and openness in European collaborative work.

Please note: National Quality Labels are awarded to individual project partners only via their respective National Support Services. If you are applying for a label, encourage your partners to do the same in their countries, as you will then be eligible to receive a European Quality Label.

Learn more about the National Quality Label

How is the National Quality Label linked to the European Quality Label and the European Prizes Competition?

If you want to apply for the European eTwinning Prizes 2011, be sure to apply for a National Quality Label, because you can’t get a European Quality Label without it.

The European Quality Label is a pre-requisite this year to apply for the European Prizes. Partners who have not received a European Quality Label are not eligible to participate in the eTwinning Prizes 2011 competition.

Step 1: Apply for a National Quality Label
Step 2: Encourage your partner(s) to do the same!
Step 3: Check the Portal to see if you have been awarded with a European Quality Label (next round awarded automatically in October 2010)
Step 4: Submit your project in the European Prizes 2011 competition (submission opens in October 2010)

How do you get a European Quality Label?

If more than one partner receives a National Quality Label for the same project, these two or more individuals then automatically receive a European Quality Label. The European Quality Label is now awarded only once a year (every October).

Individuals who have been awarded with the European Quality Label are then eligible to submit their project to the eTwinning Prizes competition, which is also launched every October.

Remember: Only the partners in a European Prize winning project who have received a national quality label can participate in the rewards.

Learn more about the European eTwinning Prizes competition