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A Sea of Many Cultures – eTwinning Project

medseaPatrícia Sacadura, a Portuguese teacher would like to embark on this project about the sea.

We want children from different countries to share knowledge about sea life by exchanging drawings, photos, powerpoint presentations, videos, etc.

If you are interested in joining her, log in to your eTwinning Desktop and go to FIND ETWINNERS. Copy and paste Patrícia Sacadura in the search box to locate her and send her an internal email requesting to start off this project together.


Eating Habits of Mediterranean People – eTwinning project

medfoodThis project is looking for more partners from around the Mediterranean countries. The students already part of this project are from Spain and Greece and they range from 7 to 12 years.

The main aim of the project is to identify common eating habits and to make connections between our diet, good health and long life. The children will exchange information about their daily diet, exchange traditional recipes, maybe exchange by post some traditional products, prepare homemade Mediterranean dishes to bring to school and share with others, discuss the benefits of Mediterranean diet, visit food factories and museums related to the theme…

If you are interested in joining this project, you can log in to your eTwinning desktop and go to FIND ETWINNERS. In the search box, copy and paste: ΦΡΑΓΚΟΥΛΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ ΣΟΦΙΑ  or Marina Moreno Sánchez to locate any one of them and send them an internal email requesting to be added to this project.

Enjoy good Mediterranean food!! Good luck.

The 16th Century in Europe – History eTwinning Project

la-valletteTomasz Rogoziński, a Polish teacher of English, together with his colleague, a History teacher want to start a History project about the 16th Century.
Two or more partners from the same countries are welcome to join this project. 

The project will last 4 months and each partner will create an article or presentation about one of the following issues each month:

  1. Everyday life in the XVIth cent.,
  2. Royal Dynasties,
  3. Literature,
  4. Architecture.

If you are interested to join this project, go to the eTwinning portal and log on to your Desktop. Go to FIND ETWINNERS and copy and paste Tomasz Rogoziński in the search box to locate him. Send him an internal email requesting more information about joining this project.

For help and support in eTwinning, you can contact the National Support Service on 25982150 or send us an email on

Hello Europe! – eTwinning project

kidshelloRoberto Russo, an Italian teacher with pupils aged 6 to 8 would like to start a project with the name Hello Europe! This project will deal with sharing school activities through drawings, photos and powerpoints.

This is the plan: 

  1. Children greet their classmates
  2. Children introduce themselves
  3. Children present their classroom and show their supplies at school
  4. Children present the numbers
  5. Children say the age
  6. Children choose and show a favourite colour 
  7. Children choose and show some pictures of their city
  8. Children choose and show a favourite object
  9. Children choose and show a favourite pet
  10. Take photos or draw pictures and put them in powerpoints to share.

If you are interested to be part of this project you can contact Mr. Russo, by logging onto your eTwinning Desktop, going to FIND ETWINNERS and paste his name in the search box to locate him. When you find him, you can send him an internal email.

Good luck!

Another update for the eTwinning draw

digital-devices1The eTwinning draw taking place on the 1st December 2010 will soon be here! More and more teachers are engaging in eTwinning projects to help their school in having a greater chance of winning one of the digital devices eTwinning is offering. More details can be found at the Competitions section.

List of schools participating in the Back to School Competition:

  • Convent of the Sacred Heart Foundation, Senior School
    • Valletta and Pafos by Josephine Scerri
  • Gozo College, Boys’ Secondary, Victoria
    • EUROBOTS by Sam Cefai & Robert Vella
  • Gozo College, Girls’ Secondary, Victoria
    • EUROBOTS by Mario Xerri
    • MY NUMBER 1 by Mario Xerri
  • Gozo College, Xewkija Primary
    • Teddy Bear Exchange by Saviour Tabone
  • Maria Regina College, Boys’ Secondary, Naxxar
    • Folktales – are we still reading them!!! by Jacqueline Frendo
  • Maria Regina College, Naxxar Primary
    • Let’s Unite Europe at Christmas Time ! by Bernice Bugeja
    • Four seasons – nature and art by Bernice Bugeja
  • San Anton School
    • Birds and Butterflies Exhibition by Alison Zammit Endrich
    • International Calendar 2011 by Alison Zammit Endrich
    • Sharing Histories by Marvic Tonna
    • Social Bridges by Silvio Camilleri
    • Local Architecture by Alison Zammit Endrich
  • San Gorg Preca College, Floriana Primary
    • Our Environment and how we care for it by Rita Aquilina
  • San Gorg Preca College, Hamrun GP Primary
    • FACES by Maria Antoinette Magro
    • Who tells a story by Maria Antoinette Magro
    • Poetry Garden by Maria Antoinette Magro
    • Snapshot of Europe 2011 by Maria Antoinette Magro
    • My Home My Town by Franceanne Rapa
    • What’s the Weather like today? by Maria Antoinette Magro
  • San Gorg Preca College, Hamrun SS Primary
    • Wild life of my land Caroline Magri
  • San Gorg Preca College, Paola Primary A
    • A World of Shapes by Charlene Calleja
    • Art & Animals by Dorianne Agius
    • Christmas Carols by
  • San Gorg Preca College, Paola Primary B
    • What does a monster look like? by Catherine Whitelaw D’Alfonso
    • Our Green Christmas by Deidre Fenech, Romina Hollier & Sharon Micallef
    • Welcome to my world by Joseph Saccasan
    • Me and my place in Europe by Marisa Cutajar
  • San Gorg Preca College, Pieta’ Primary
    • Christmas Carols by Claire Duca
  • San Gorg Preca College, Valletta Primary
    • London – Valletta: European Capital Cities by Kirby Caruana
  • St. Albert the Great College
    • e-videos by Fiona Galea
    • Sustainable development: Making of! by Fiona Galea
  • St. Benedict College, Girls JL Sta. Lucia
    • Winter Poems by Alison Ann Buhagiar
  • St. Benedict College, Safi Primary
    • Fun and Math by Maria Pace
  • St. Clare College Gzira Primary
    • A Train load of Celebrations! by Michelle Cauchi
    • Immagination through Stories by Michelle Cauchi
  • St. Clare College, Boys Junior Lyceum Sliema
    • Made in Europe: dis-moi ce qe tu manges, je te dirai qui tu es byGoline Vella, Victoria Cuschieri & Marilyn Falzon
  • St. Clare College, San Gwann Primary A
    • Christmas Carols by Christine Falzon
    • Christmas around Europe by Nadia Formosa
    • Let’s Unite Europe at Christmas Time! by Graziella Calleja
    • Christmas Traditions by Nadia Formosa
  • St. Clare College, San Gwarnn Primary B
    • Intercultrueal dialogue through fairy tales, drama and art by Marouska Azzopardi Duca
  • St. Clare College, St. Julians Primary
    • Culture swapping across Europe by Sandra Dwah
  • St. Ignatius College, Girls JL Blata l-Bajda
    • Caustic by Josephine Ebejer Grech
    • 2011 Internacional Year of Forests by Josephine Ebejer Grech
    • Living in harmony with nature by Josephine Ebejer Grech
    • Teenagers and Fashion by Carmen Grech
  • St. Ignatius College, Luqa Primary
    • Give me a hug! by Miriam Ellul
  • St. Ignatius College, Siggiewi Primary
    • Snapshot of Europe 2011 by Catherine Bezzina
  • St. Ignatius College, Zebbug Primary
    • Ready, set, shape! by Veronica Debono
    • Poetry Garden by Herbert Penza
    • European Cities by Michael Fenech
  • St. Joan Antide School
    • Christmas Carols by Bernice Pisani
  • St. Michael School
    • The legends of our territories by Anthony Caruana
  • St. Nicholas College, Bahrija Primary
    • Euro Calendar by Anna Vassallo
  • St. Nicholas College, Rabat Primary
    • The European Chain Reaction by Carmen Farrugia
  • St. Theresa College, Boys’ Secondary, Sta. Venera
    • Surrounded by Art by Alexia Baldacchino
  • St. Theresa College Girls’ Secondary, Mriehel
    • Introducing and protecting biodiversity by Nathalie Scerri
    • Let’s make the best of nature!! by Nathalie Scerri & Romina Briffa
  • St. Theresa College, Msida Primary
    • Christmas excitement in the Early Years! by Odette Portelli
    • Christmas fun and excitement in the Early Years by Odette Portelli
  • St. Theresa College, St. Venera Primary
    • Shine the light across the miles by Julian Tabone
  • St. Thomas More College, Fgura Primary A
    • Splashes of Colour by Miriam Schembri
    • Mouse @rt by Miriam Schembri
  • St. Thomas More College, Marsaskala Primary
    • ‘Grover on tour’ by Bryndis Ellul & Romina Bianco
    • Healthy Mind Healthy Body by Bryndis Ellul & Romina Bianco
    • I love great music and great composers (Mikis Theodorakis) by Patricia Bondin & Janet Mifsud
    • Happy Minds Strong Bodies by Patricia Bondin & Janet Mifsud
  • Stella Maris College
    • Gravity Acceleration by Isabelle Cilia

Teen Talk – eTwinning project looking for partners

teentalkMs. Deborah Nicholson, a teacher in Spain, would like to start a new project intended as a debate forum for teenagers to debate a variety of current topics. This will include chat, debate forum, video presentations, PowerPoints and Audio clips.  Her students are between 13 and 16.

Would you like to join her? Go to and log on to your eTwinning Desktop. Go to FIND ETWINNERS and copy and paste the teacher’s name in the search box. Click on her name and send her an email requesting to join this project.

Good luck!

For more information about eTwinning you can contact the Malta National Support Service on or 25982150.

Culture Adventures across Europe – eTwinning Project

travel-europeAgnieszka Boćwińska, a Polish teacher together with inca hernandez, a Spanish teacher have recently started an eTwinning project called Culture Adventures across Europe and would like to invite other teachers to join them in this venture. The students participating in this project are 14 to 16 year olds.

The main aim of the project is to give the students the opportunity to use English in real life situations, especially while making friends with their peers from the partner countries.  They will work on an assigned topic in which they will have to explore the history, geography and culture of their own country. The presentation will be then exchanged with the foreign partner through email or on TwinSpace. The topics will include school life, Christmas traditions, special holidays and celebrations, folk culture, traditional cooking, historical events and figures, tourist attractions, celebrities and others… By actively raising their cultural awareness, the students will learn to value their own culture and also develop an attitude of interest and tolerance towards other cultures.

If you are interested in joining this project, you can contact either of the teachers through the eTwinning platform. Log on to your Desktop at and in FIND ETWINNERS copy and paste one of the names of the teachers shown here and send them an internal email requesting them to join this interesting project.

If you need any support to join this project, don’t hesitate to contact the Maltese National Support service on or on 25982150/79002150.