Monthly Archive for January, 2011

A Maltese eTwinning Project shortlisted for the European eTwinning Awards

The bilateral project between Malta and France ‘The Other Side of the Coin’ has made it to the European eTwinning Awards finalists! This project was between Mr. Mario Xerri’s class at Gozo College Girls Secondary School and Ms. Claire Nevot’s class at Collège Jean Vilar from France. This project had also won first price in Malta’s National eTwinning Awards and an Innovative Project award in France. To know more about this project you can see a review of it on our blog.

The Malta National Support Service would like to congratulate Mr. Mario Xerri for his work and wish him good luck for the final round!

Geometry and Art eTwinning Project Partner needed

Enrica Maragliano is an Italian teacher of Maths and Physics at the Liceo Classico C. Colombo in Genova. Her 15 – 16 year old students are most often engaged in Humanities and Classical Languages projects but she would like to encourage them to love Sciences and Maths through an eTwinning project about Geometry and Art. Her students can work both in English and Italian languages.

The idea of the project would be to make the students realize that Geometry is everywhere around them. The students would have to identify monuments or buildings which where they can see geometrical shapes in them, photograph them, upload them in Geogebra and identify the Geometrical shapes there. Morever they would add up some information about the monument they chose and explain their choice in writing or in the production of a short video. The art teacher in the college is also enthusiastic to help in this project too.

Enrica Maragliano says:

I’d like to work with people from Malta because we are close and it’s interesting to compare the differences and similarities between our cultures. Moreover both people from Malta and from Genova were seamen and they had contacts in the ancient times. So we could discover some particular symbols in common between the two places.

If you are interested in joining Enrica Maragliano, you can look her up on the eTwinning Desktop in the FIND ETWINNERS section. You can also contact the National Support Service for more help at or on 25982150.

A presentation about the New eTwinning Portal

Web conferencing at Marsaskala Primary

As part of their eTwinning project ‘HAPPY MINDS STRONG BODY’, a web conference took place between Malta – St Thomas More College, M’Skala Primary (Ms Janet Mifsud and Ms Patricia Bondin) and 3 other countries namely Poland, Portugal and Greece on Wednesday 12th January 2011. The link started at 9.00am and ended at about 11.45am.

Our kindergarten children sang to the children of the mentioned countries in our language and also in English, while the children of the other participating countries sang in their national language and also danced for us. The children could not contain their excitement on seeing each other on the computer while clapping heartily in approval.

It was a great success for us here at M’Skala Primary School.

It is an event which will surely be repeated – hopefully also with other partners taking part in the HAPPY MINDS STRONG BODIES eTwinning Collaborative Project!!

How is the Weather? – eTwinning Project

passjuJOANA AINA POL, a Spanish teacher is looking for a partner to work with students of 3rd and 4th grade of primary. She wants to exchange information about the weather in winter and the games children do in the playground. Apart from this she is also interested in exchanging more info about traditions and things to do during this season. The language will be English and it would start in November and run until mid March.

Anyone interested in joining this project can look up JOANA AINA POL in the FIND ETWINNERS section of your eTwinning Desktop and email her to show her your interest.

Good luck!

Happy Picture – eTwinning Project

emaSilja Enok, an Estonian teacher would like to start off a project with very young pupils using MS Paint to draw pictures on the computer.

The children will use the pencil tool and the colour palette. Finally they will save the finished image. The teachers will arrange the pictures on an on-line exhibition. The theme of the children’s drawings will be “Colours of living. ” This is a short-term project.

If you are interested in starting off or joining this project you can look up Silja Enok in the FIND ETWINNERS section on your eTwinning Desktop and contact her through the internal mail to show her your interest.

Good luck!

Flying Letters – eTwinning Project

flyinglettersTeachers from seven different countries have already started off a project titled ‘Flying Letters’ and are willing to have more teachers join them in this adventure.

The main aim of this project is to promote written English through interesting celebrations, national traditions and important things in students’ lives (school, games, exams…). The students involved in this project span from 10 to 12 years old. 

If you are interested in joining this project, you can search the founders in the FIND ETWINNERS section of your eTwinning desktop to contact them. Their names are: Magdalena Burzyk from Poland and Encarnación Linde Moraleda from Spain. Send them an internal email and ask to join the project.

Good luck!