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eTwinning Carnival Competition for Students

eTwinning Malta is launching a competition for Primary and Secondary School students – Recycling for Carnival – with the main aim of getting students documenting processes using ICT tools.

All participants will receive an eTwinning token and the most creative results in Primary and Secondary categories will be awarded the following items:

• 1st Prize: Webcams
• 2nd Prize: 2Gb Pendrives
• 3rd Prize: USB hubs


Competition process and regulations:

  1. Create a Carnival-related float, costume or mask using recycled materials.
  2. Take a number of photos during this process, from the raw materials (which would have been thrown away) till the finished product.
  3. Transfer the photos onto your computer.
  4. Use one of the following presentation software to show this step-by-step process.
  5. The students can work in groups of up to 4 (not a whole class activity) and each school can submit as many presentations as students prepare.
  6. Presentations can be sent to the eTwinning office:
  7. Presentations submitted for evaluation need to have:
    • Name of students (up to 4 students)
    • Age of students
    • College and School Name
    • Name of teacher/s mediating this initiative
  8. Deadline for submissions: Friday 11th March 2011 @ 12.00 noon

eTwinning Netiquette

eTwinning Project of the Month – A Healthy Mind… A Healthy Body

A Healthy Mind .. A Healthy body

by Ms. Romina and Ms. Bryndis, St. Thomas More College, M’Skala Primary

This project for the scholastic year 2010/2011, is between two Maltese kindergarten assistants, Ms. Romina and Ms. Bryndis, from St. Thomas More College, M’Skala Primary and Ms. Mihaela Criveanu from Madona- Dudu Preschool, Romania.

The starting point of the project was reading the story of ‘Robi r-Robot’ which is written by the Maltese author, Trevor Zahra. Robi is the mascot of our project – he carries the flag of Malta and that of Romania. Robi is a happy robot, because he likes to eat healthy food, he likes to practice keep-fit and also likes to keep himself clean!

In this project, we are sharing different ideas about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Thus, we are carrying out various activities such as cooking healthy recipes, explaining about personal hygiene, and discussing about the importance of daily physical activities. The activities are helping the children to become more confident in what they can do, and also helping them develop new abilities.

During this year, the children are also being exposed to different technological devices such as the TuffCam, the easy scope digital microscope and the webcam. All the photos regarding these activities are posted on the eTwinning Twinspace, so that the Romanian children can see what we are doing, and they also share their activities with us via the same Twinspace.

Our main focus on this project is giving hands-on experience to the children, such as experiencing cooking in the class and looking closely at fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore, during this project the children are also learning about the lifestyle and culture of the Romanian people. In fact, the children learnt that the Romanian people have a different flag, a different language and different weather. During a video conference, these cultural aspects were manifested. The children sang to each other in different languages and they showed each other their flags. Luckily, during the web conferencing, in Romania it was snowing and our partner country showed us the snow out of the window!

The project is integrated with all the aspects of the pre-school curriculum: these include mathematics, literacy, creativity, social and emotional knowledge, understanding of the world around us and physical development.

Not only are we, Kindergarten Assistants, enjoying the project but it is also great fun for our kids!

eTwinning Multilateral Contact Seminar in Spain

May 19, 2011 4:00 pmtoMay 21, 2011 4:00 pm

The eTwinning National Support Service of Spain will be organizing a Multilateral Contact Seminar in Madrid, Spain. The main aims of this multilateral seminar are to increase the number of eTwinning projects which use Spanish as the language for communication and to enhance ICT skills for teachers and students. Further details can be seen in the agenda.

The Maltese National Support Service is sponsoring two teachers of Spanish to participate in this seminar which will take place between the 19th and 21st May 2011.

The selected candidates have to show proof of project work done during previous school years, even if it was not related to eTwinning. This could involve any kind of language project: class projects, school projects, collaborative projects with other classes or Maltese schools, projects with foreign schools, Comenius projects, eTwinning projects…

A recommendation by the Head of School, College Principal or Head of Department will be considered an asset.

The selected candidates will be requested to find a project partner during the Contact Seminar in Madrid to start off an eTwinning project.

Teachers of Spanish interested in attending this seminar are kindly requested to fill in the application form and send it by email at by not later than Friday, 25th February, 2011.

For further details kindly contact the eTwinning National Support Service on 2598 2150 or 7900 2150.

What language do your neighbours speak?

In 2011, eTwinning is encouraging you to learn the language of a neighbouring country through initiatives including interviews with teachers, example projects and a special European eTwinning prize. How can you get involved?

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eTwinning Online Learning Event for Maltese Teachers: Apply today !

March 9, 2011toMarch 23, 2011

The eTwinning National Support Service would like to announce that there are still a few places available for the Online Learning Event which is being organised between the 9th  – 23rd of March.  This learning lab, ‘The other side of eTwinning’, is open to new and seasoned eTwinners alike.  

Participants will be introduced to the social networking and professional development aspect of eTwinning.  Whilst getting to know their personal desktop they will be guided on sharing and finding educational resources, joining forums and groups.  Getting in touch with other Maltese colleagues will prepare participants to collaborating in the wider network of European community.

Participation is free and successful candidates will receive a certificate at the end of this two week, fully online course.

Interested in applying ?  Follow this link:

Remember that you must be registered for eTwinning to be eligible to participate.  For more information about this Learning Event you can visit, or contact the eTwinning National Support Service on 25982150, email:

Online Photo-Books: Mixbook

I remember an advert from Kodak from a few years back, which highlighted the importance of taking photos of special occasions and events in our lives, as to cherish and treasure the moment forever. Nowadays of course, getting hold of a camera and taking photos is a tad easier than it was in those days; and the emphasis has shifted from actual photo-taking to photo presentations. How are we going to store and share the photographs that we have so lovingly taken? How can we embed them in an innovative and interesting way on our websites or blogs for others to see? On this blog I have often dealt with online applications whose purpose varies from sharing photos (Slide, Animoto, Flickr…) to applications which help us edit pictures online (Picnik, Picasa…). The application which we are going to view today, Mixbook, allows users to create interesting online scrap-books with their favourite photographs, essentially creating embeddable online books for sharing or printing.

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