Monthly Archive for July, 2011

eTwinning eZine is out!

The eTwinning eZine for Term 3 (2010-2011) is now out. You can find information about eTwinning, project ideas and some useful technical tips. It is available for download from here.

Comenius: Calls for proposals EAC/01/2011 and EAC/13/2011

Two calls for proposals were recently published on the Official Journal of the EU: 

(1) A Call for proposals EAC/13/2011 European Policy Network for the Implementation of Key Competences in School Education has been published on 21 June 2011 in the Official Journal C 180/25.

(2) A Call for proposals EAC/01/2011 European Policy Network on the education of children and young people with a migrant background has been published on 24 June 2011 in the Official Journal C 183/08.

Read more about these two calls by visiting the EUPA’s website on :

Project of the Month: A Train Load of Celebrations!

by Michelle Saliba, St. Clare College, Gzira Primary

A Train load of Celebrations is an eTwinning project founded in November 2010. This project is about four different European schools: Poland, Italy, Romania and Malta with participating students between 4-7 years that decided to hop on this train full of festivities that we celebrate throughout the four seasons. The main aim of this collaboration was to present and share how we celebrate each festivity differently according to our country culture and traditions. We presented these celebrations by including the students’ drawings, art & crafts, storytelling, music, rhymes, games combined with the use of ICT- an essential tool that facilitated our collaboration.

Through this project the students discovered about different festivities celebrated in various countries and learnt how they can share and communicate with other foreign students. In the beginning we also decided to use twinspace and to create our project website This online tool gave us the opportunity to embed presentations, students’ work, events and to communicate with our etwinning partners better by keeping up to date about the coming festivities through the use of a calendar.

Through this collaboration the students learnt a lot of ICT skills such as taking photos by using a digital camera, using online drawing programmes like imaginationcubed, scratch, various activities on the Interactive White Board, stopmotion, voki, Bee-bot, storybird, e-book, etc. We also met our Italian etwinning partners through a videoconference by using elluminate.

A train outing was organised so the students understood our project title. Click on this link to see this event: This project was awarded the quality label during the National eTwinning awards 2011. At the end of the scholastic year the students were also given eTwinning tokens for their participation in this collaboration.