Monthly Archive for July, 2012

eTwinning Project of the Month: My Number 1

By Mr. Mario Xerri,

Gozo College, Victoria Girls’ Secondary

We do choices continuously. This eTwinning project offered participants from Malta, Italy and Germany the opportunity to share their number one preference in various aspects relevant to their lives. Through the ‘Number 1’ theme and through a cross curricular, student centred approach, the project enabled participants to get in touch with different European cultures, traditions, lifestyles as well as to virtually encounter famous people and explore what they had to say and in some cases their notorious inventions. Participants also got to know about each others prefered books, actors, singers and favourite sports. All this was achieved through various innovative ICT tools. This project placed second in the national etwinning Awards competition 212.

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eTwinning Project of the Month: Spoony Goes Around the World

By Ms. Claudine Chircop,
St. Ignatius College, Siggiewi Primary School
eTwinning is a framework for schools to collaborate on the Internet with partner schools in other European countries. The project aims to encourage European schools to collaborate using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).  At the click of a mouse, pupils and teachers can work with their counterparts in other countries and learn about any subject or topic with and from each other.

eTwinning Project of the Month: Talk to Me

by Ms. Michelle Saliba,

St. Clare College, Gzira Primary School

Talk to Me is a project that involved various students and educators from different European countries. This project gave the students the opportunity to talk with other foreign pupils and to share their work through different internet programs. When planning our project we decided to focus on

popular themes such as presenting ourselves to each other, talking about our favourite traditional games, stories and legends of Christmas and finally the story of Pinocchio. We chose this story because it is very popular with young students nearly in every country.

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eTwinning Project of the Month: Sharing Science Experiments

By Ms. Josephine Ebejer Grech

St. Ignatius College, Blata il-Bajda Girls’ Secondary

After that last scholastic year the students of St Ignatius College Girls’ Secondary School of Blata l-Bajda had a major success doing the eTwinning project “Caustic”, this year they thought of doing a similar project. This year’s project was called “Sharing Science Experiments”. Once again this project was very well received and in fact placed third in the eTwinning National Awards 2012. The aims of this project were to share the most innovative experiments with other students from another 4 countries: Spain, Poland, Romania and Turkey. This project started in September. The teachers introduced the project to all the students in the different countries. Their first task was to upload a photo and some information about themselves on the twinspace. Then, they had to upload presentations about their schools and their countries and comment to each other.

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eTwinning eZine Term 3, Scholastic Year 2011-2012

The eTwinning eZine for Term 3, Scholastic Year 2011-2012 is out!  You can read it here.

eTwinning Project of the Month: One for All and All for One

by Ms. Marika Vella Montebello & Ms. Elaine Camilleri

St. Margaret College, Zabbar Primary A

“We work together as a team and this year’s project’s aim was to prompt an Inclusive environment because all learners have the right to achieve what they are capable of. Learners should be given the best opportunity to learn regardless of ability, class, cultural or linguistic background.” – Ms. Vella Montebello, class teacher & Ms. Elaine Camilleri, LSA.

The objectives are that every learner can access the same curricular subjects according to their level of achievement. Also Cross Curricular subjects are essential for all pupils’ education and for achieving the aims of education.

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End of eTwinning Year Celebration at St. Thomas More College, Marsaskala Primary School

By Ms. Patricia Bondin & Ms. Janet Mifsud

Ms Janet’s Kindergarten class K1.1 together with Ms Bondin’s class K2.5 have ended this scholastic year with a bash!

The proud students

This was mainly to celebrate a very successful eTwinning year:   placing 1st in the Primary Category with our project ‘101 ways to save Mother Earth’ during the National eTwinning Awards Ceremony held earlier this year at the Mediterranean Conference Centre Valletta, and also winning the eTwinning Spring eCard Competition held in March with the video, ‘A Volcanic Experiment’. Our own celebration coincided with the end of scholastic year celebration at Marsaskala Primary School.

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