Monthly Archive for October, 2012

TwinSpace Session for Students at St. Michael School, St. Venera

On the afternoon of Wednesday, 31st October, the eTwinning National Support Service was invited at St. Michael School in St. Venera in order to hold a TwinSpace training session for the Form 3 students. A total number of 43 students and two teachers received training on how to make the best use of the TwinSpace for an eTwinning projects.

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eTwinning Seminar – Storytelling for Education: An Overview

On Tuesday 30th of October, the eTwinning National Support Service organised the Seminar Storytelling for Education for teachers who wished to learn more about Web 2.0 tools that lend themselves to digital storytelling in the classroom.  A group of around 30 teachers attended the seminar and learned how to integrate the online applications Issuu, Storybird and Mixbook within their curriculum and project work.

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eTwinning European Quality Labels Awarded

The eTwinning Central Support Service has published the list of European Quality Labels awarded to eTwinning Projects across Europe.  Projects who receive more than one National Quality Label are eligible for the European Quality Label.   This second mark of success is awarded by the Central Support Service once a year and the results are featured on the Portal.

As of 2012, European Quality Labels are not being awarded automatically but have to be nominated by at least one National Support Service after a rigorous screening process. Each country can only propose up to 30% of the total number of applications submitted for National Quality Labels.  Projects which go on to receive the European Quality Label will then be eligible to apply for the eTwinning European Prizes from their eTwinning Desktop.

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eTwinning Desktop and TwinSpace Seminar: An Overiew

On Saturday 27th of October 2012, the eTwinning National Support Service organised a Desktop and TwinSpace Training Seminar for teachers who wished to learn more about eTwinning in general, and also for teachers currently running projects sporting the new TwinSpace to learn more about this newly revamped tool.  A total number of twenty nine teachers had applied for one or both sessions. Some of the teachers who were supposed to attend only the first part enjoyed themselves so much that they opted to stay for the TwinSpace session as well.  New teachers have registered for eTwinning during the Desktop Session, whilst teachers attending the TwinSpace session were invited onto a Training TwinSpace.  The Seminar was run by Amanda Debattista and Jacqueline Frendo from the eTwinning National Support Service.

As part of the Back to School Campaing, the eTwinning National Support Service is also organising a seminar specifically for members of the Senior Management Team in Schools. Heads, Assistant Heads of School, College Principals and Education Officers are invited to attend. More information about this seminar can be found here.

eTwinning Back to School Campaign: Update 3 (29.10.12)

The eTwinning Back to School Campaign is now in its 4th week, and more projects have been registered and will therefore be included in the draw! Remember, all teachers joining projects from the beginning of the scholastic year till the end of November will receive an eTwinning Mug for their daily tea and coffee. All the schools with projects registered during this time period (Sept-Nov 2012) will be entered in a draw with the chance to win 1 of 2 digital video camera for the school. The deadline is still nearly a month away, so if you have an idea for a project or you are not sure how to go about setting up a partnership yet, you are still in time to contact the National Support Service on 25982150/79002150 or send an email to Amanda/Jacqueline at

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eTwinning Seminar for Members of the SMT

The eTwinning National Support Service is pleased to announce their latest seminar in the eTwinning Back to School Campaign. This seminar – for members of the senior management team in schools – is aimed at heads, assistant heads of schools, EO’s and college principals who would like to learn more about eTwinning and who are seeking guidance as to how to introduce eTwinning within their schools, colleges and subject areas.

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New Teacher Registrations and Register a Friend Competition: Update as at 24.10.12

Have you registered yourself on the eTwinning Portal, the community for schools in Europe, since October 1st, 2012? Apart from gaining access to thousands of resources, the facility to participate in online modules and discussions, and the possibility of interacting with teachers from all over Europe, new teacher registrants will receive a copy of the eTwinning Diary. If you are already a registered eTwinner and you encourage a colleague to register, you will also receive an eTwinning Diary. There will also be a lottery for new eTwinners and eTwinners who recommend a colleague, with the chance of winning a 1TB hard disk. Registrants must be teachers in charge of a class/LSA/Heads/Assistant Heads of school, and must be responsible for a class/school upon registration.

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