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eTwinning Desktop and TwinSpace Seminar 2013: An Overview

On Friday the 15th of February, the eTwinning National Support Service held a Desktop and TwinSpace Seminar at the eLearning Centre in Floriana. New eTwinners were able to register to the Portal and learn all about the eTwinning Desktop: social networking aspects, how to find a partner and how to register a project.  More seasoned eTwinners were able to learn how to use the TwinSpace effectively, thanks to a specially created training TwinSpace.

The eTwinning National Support Service would like to thank the participating teachers, and remind everyone that the NSS staff is currently available for personalised school visits.  Please contact us for an appointment at your school on 25982150 or email us at

Results of the Twinning New Year Teacher and Project Registrations

Friday the 15th of February was the closing date for the eTwinning New Year Competitions.  We had four categories for which teachers were able to participate:

New Registrations: All teachers who register to the Portal, from the 1st January-15 February

Register a Friend: All eTwinners who encourage their colleagues to register to the Portal, from 1st January – 15 February

New Projects Primary & New Projects Secondary: Teachers who register or join an eTwinning Project, from 1st January – 15 February. This was further split into two categories:  Primary and Secondary.

And the winners are….

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