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Results of the eTwinning Survey – Your eTwinning Profile

Between March and May 2013, the eTwinning National Support Service conducted a survey amongst all teaching grades in order to raise awareness about teachers’ eTwinning profile, how one becomes inactive (and therefore unsearchable on the eTwinning Desktop) and how this can be reversed. We also asked teachers if they were interested in joining or becoming again active in the action, and what steps the eTwinning NSS could take to facilitate this process. Click on the link below in order to find out the results of our survey.

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eTwinning Project of the Month – Write to me, Io ti rispondo

By Mr. Tony Mizzi

St. Ignatius College, Handaq Girls’ Secondary

Participating in this eTwinning project are three schools, one from Italy, the other from the United Kingdom, and us. Due to age and linguistic abilities, the project activities were divided into two subgroups, one for senior secondary schools and the other for lower secondary schools. Thus, the students would work within the group of lower secondary school with our Italian partners. The chat and the blog are free for all students irrespective of their age and abilities to communicate freely.

Schoolovision 2013 – Israel win this year’s edition, Malta places 10th

It was a very exciting morning for the pupils of Ms. Maria Antoinette Magro, at St. Gorg Preca College, Hamrun Primary GP.  The day they had long been awaiting has finally arrived –  students from 37 countries joined online on Flash Meeting to vote on each others’ entries and to proclaim the winner for Schoolovision 2013.  Malta placed 10th out of 37 participating countries – our best result so far since the project started in 2009. Amanda Debattista from the eTwinning National Support Service visited the school in support of the students and their teacher as they voted and waited for the results to be published.

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eTwinning Project of the Month – Health for Life

By Ms. Nathalie Scerri and Marisa Grima,

St. Theresa College, Mriehel Girls’ Secondary

Health4life is an ambitious project aiming to deal with various aspects of life that might affect the health of individuals. It dealt with different topics that influence an individual’s health. Topics discussed were multi-disciplinary and included: diet, exercise, cosmetics and the skin, teenage addictions (e.g. smoking, drugs, alcohol, piercings and tattoos), unprotected sex leading to STDs, digital addictions (e.g. excessive usage of computers and MP4s) and pollution.

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eTwinning Project Showcase Seminar 2013

For the second year running, the eTwinning National Support Service is organising a Project Showcase Seminar. A total of six eTwinning projects will be presented by teachers – three projects from Primary schools and a further three projects from Secondary schools.  This seminar was advertised by means of the CMeLD Letter Circular 137/2013, eTwinning Project Showcase Seminar.

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Competition Entries – eTwinning Video Competition 2013

These are a selection of the entries we have received for the eTwinning Video Competition 2013. We were unable to upload all the videos due to the fact that some of them were too large to be uploaded on our website; however we have evaluated all entries including those that we received on a CD or pendrive. If you have sent us a video and you would like us to share it on our National Blog, please upload your entry on an online repository, such as YouTube or Vimeo, and we will be able to embed it on our blog! Meanwhile, take a look at a selection of great videos that we received…

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Results of the eTwinning Video Competition 2013

Students engaged in eTwinning Projects during this scholastic year (2012-2013) were asked to create a short video about their eTwinning Project.  This competition was announced via the CMeLD Letter Circular 94/2013, eTwinning Video Competition, on our national blog and on our Facebook page: The eTwinning National Support Service received a good number of videos for evaluation and we are very pleased with the results!  Below you can find the winners of the three categories. Well done to all those who took part in our competition!

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