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More eTwinning Project Ideas from the Forum!

The Forum in the FIND ETWINNERS section provides a wealth of project ideas posted by eTwinners from all over Europe. And summertime is the best period of the year to make new friends and start planning for the new scholastic year. Below find a small selection of the posts from the second week of July.You can contact the eTwinners below by looking them up in the Find eTwinners section, and adding them as eTwinning Contacts.

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eTwinning Project of the Month – Schoolovision

By Ms. Maria Antoinette Magro
St. Gorg Preca College, Hamrun Primary GP
Since 2005 the eTwinning Portal has always been a motivating experience in forming partnerships and developing collaborative pedagogical school projects between European Schools. I have been involved in these projects since the very beginning and I have never looked back. Such projects helped the children to learn in a more collaborative way rather than in the traditional way and enhanced them to make friends with other children across Europe.

Poll Shows Enthusiasm for eTwinning Plus

During the months of March and April, we surveyed more than 2,000 teachers on eTwinning to find out about their interest in working with the new eTwinning Plus countries.

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eTwinning Project of the Month – Young Citizens in Action

By Marianne Schembri

St. Thomas More College, Fgura Primary A

From their birth young children begin to explore their world and try to make sense of their social and physical environment.  They gradually learn more about their expanding community and eventually come to see themselves as citizens.

eTwinning Project of the Month: Hopes and Dreams

By Mario Xerri,

Gozo College, Victoria Girls’ Secondary

We all dream. Humans are born with the ability to dream and hope for something better. We dream of a better future for ourselves, for our countries and for mother earth.

eTwinning Project Ideas for the Summer – Secondary Schools

Our previous blog post described some eTwinning project ideas for the Primary Schools. In this post you will find some additional ideas, this time, for Secondary Schools and pupils. All our posts are excerpts form the FIND ETWINNERS section on the eTwinning Desktop, where eTwinners from all over Europe post their ideas on the FORUMS.

Read on to find out our selection of project ideas for the day!


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eTwinning Ideas for the Summer Break – Primary Schools

The FIND ETWINNERS section on the eTwinning Desktop provides a wealth of ideas for teachers who are planning to start a project during the next scholastic year. On the right hand side of the FIND ETWINNERS page one can find the eTwinning FORUMS which are sub divided into ages and categories. Teachers from all over Europe can post their project ideas, or join already existing projects. Hereunder we have chosen a selection of project ideas posted this week under the 4-11 year group (Kindergarten/Primary). Read the rest of the article to find out more !

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