eTwinning Project of the Month – Young Citizens in Action

By Marianne Schembri

St. Thomas More College, Fgura Primary A

From their birth young children begin to explore their world and try to make sense of their social and physical environment.  They gradually learn more about their expanding community and eventually come to see themselves as citizens.
A large part of the learning experience in kindergarten is socialization. Children are learning to cooperate and share with peers, to take part in group activities and talks, and to take responsibility for their own actions and for their own learning.
Citizenship education aims to help our young students learn how to become active, informed and responsible citizens and prepares them for life as citizens of a democracy.  It is important to recognize that good citizenship behaviour is based on certain principles.  Basic to this is the acquisition of skills and aptitudes in critical thinking, analysing information, expressing opinions, taking part in discussions and debates, negotiating, conflict resolution and participating in community action.
‘Young Citizens in Action’ gave children the awareness of being a citizen.  The Maltese and Polish young children built a positive relationship based on respect and appreciation of the different cultures.  They were were motivated in sharing their experiences between each other.  As the language was a barrier to these young they expressed their thoughts, ideas and feelings through drawings. They were enrolled in the TwinSpace where they eagerly shared their drawings with their new friends.
Common topics like cultural diversity, the value of friendship, traditions, diversity and sharing were explored through stories, legends and cultures of the different countries.  A common story for each topic was chosen and children actively participated in the preparation of dramatic situations and whilst they were introduced to different media they took photos and videos of these drama sessions. These were followed up discussions and drawings.  Persons who made a valuable contribution to the local community were invited to the different classrooms and experiences were shared.

The children were introduced to new ICT skills and children from both countries accessed the same interactive games.  The use of interactive whiteboards was an asset which further motivated the children.

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  • Well done. A lovely video and photos. I really enjoyed the story of San Martinu. I’m pretty sure the children enjoyed it too. Great work Marianne.

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