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Applications for eTwinning National Quality Labels 2014 are now open!

Why Apply for a National Quality Label ?

If you think that your eTwinning project deserves an extra mark of success, then you can apply for the National Quality Label through your eTwinning Desktop. This appears under the section ‘Labels’. If you have more than one project that you think deserves the Label, then simply fill out an application for each.
What are the benefits? The Quality Label is concrete recognition to teachers and schools of the high level of their eTwinning activities. For pupils, this offers a boost to their work efforts, and for the school in general, a public affirmation of their commitment to quality and openness in European collaborative work.

eTwinning Plus Competion – Add an ‘eTwinning Plus’ Partner to Your School and Win Prizes from the eTwinning NSS

eTwinning Competition: Register an eTwinning Project and add a teacher from an eTwinning Plus Country (Ukraine, Tunisia, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan) – and Win Prizes throughout 2014.

Step 1: Register or Join an eTwinning Project with another European Partner

eTwinning Plus teachers cannot register an eTwinning Project themselves. Therefore, in order to qualify, a Maltese teacher must either register a new project, or join an existing one already on the eTwinning Desktop. To do so, please follow the instructions on our website: and view the slideshow below from European Schoolnet:

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eTwinning Plus – How to make yourself available for eTwinning Projects with ‘Plus’ Countries

In March of 2013, the European Commission launched the eTwinning Plus Project.  eTwinning Plus is a pilot that will see a select number of schools and teachers from Ukraine, Tunisia, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan join the thousands of eTwinning teachers who are already collaborating online.

The pilot is part of the European Commission’s Neighbourhood Policy, which encourages links and collaboration with those countries in our immediate neighbourhood.

eTwinners from Malta are currently able to invite teachers who hail from these countries into their existing projects. In order to do this, Maltese teachers can make themselves available to eTwinning Plus teachers by:

  1. Logging on the eTwinning Desktop
  2. Clicking on ‘Profile’
  3. Clicking on ‘Yes’ to ‘I am available for an eTwinning Plus Partnership’

For more information please refer to the eTwinning National Support Service – Send us an email on (Amanda/Jacqueline).

You can also read more about eTwinning Plus by visiting the eTwinning Portal.

eTwinning Training in Gozo 2014

The eTwinning National Support Service is pleased to invite all educators from Gozo – Teachers, Kindergarten Assistants, Learning Support Assistants and members of the Senior Management Teams in Schools – to attend for a specific eTwinning training session in Gozo. This seminar will be run by the eTwinning Ambassadors for Gozo – Saviour Tabone (Head of School, Gharb Primary) and Mario Xerri (Head of Department for eLearning, Victoria Girls’ Secondary School). The training will be held at the ICT Labs at the Girls’ Secondary School on Wednesday the 7th of May 2014, from 15:00 – 16:30. Continue reading ‘eTwinning Training in Gozo 2014′

Overview of eTwinning Training – March 2014

In March 2014, the eTwinning National Support Service of Malta organised two separate training seminars: one for teachers, kindergarten assistants and learning support assistants; and one for members of the senior management teams in schools. Both seminars were held at the Microsoft Innovation Centre, SkyParks, Luqa. The first seminar was held on Saturday 1st of March (teachers) whilst the seminar for heads of schools was held on Thursday 6th of March. Both seminars were well attended and the participants were able to have some hands-on training on the eTwinning Tools, Desktop and TwinSpace. Attending Heads of Schools were also able to discuss any matters related to their schools and staff with the NSS and some of them also requested private one to one visits, or professional development sessions.

Below are some of the photos taken during the training. Thanks to all those who participated, and see you next time! :)