Monthly Archive for September, 2014

eTwinning Back to School Competitions 2014

The eTwinning National Support Service would like to welcome all teachers back to school with the launch of 3 competitions aimed to start the year on a more “eTwinning-ly” note. There is something for everyone – from beginners and newcomers, to the more “seasoned” eTwinners. Read on to find out about our latest initiatives, which include separate competitions for both European and National eTwinning projects.

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National eTwinning: Create a new project with another Maltese Teacher

The Maltese eTwinning National Support Service is pleased to announce that Malta has been selected to participate in a pilot project, whereby teachers from the same country (Malta to Malta) will be allowed to create and work on the same eTwinning project.

Some History

Since the launching of eTwinning in 2005, only schools from different countries could start a project together. eTwinning has now decided to run a pilot and open the platform to single country projects to encourage collaboration of teachers and students from the same country. This will be especially interesting for countries with decentralized competences for school education, with more than one official language or a network of schools abroad.

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