Monthly Archive for April, 2015

Results of the eTwinning Competitions 2015

Click on the video below to learn all about the competition results! If your name is amongst the winners, remember to contact the eTwinning National Support Service via in order to redeem your prize :)

eTwinning Quality Labels 2015 – Apply Now!

The eTwinning Conference for the scholastic year 2014-2015 will take place in November/December, in collaboration with EMBED 2015. The conference will culminate in an award giving ceremony for the best eTwinning Collaborative Projects of the scholastic year.
The eTwinning National Support Service will also be awarding the best eTwinning projects for scholastic year 2014- 2015 in Primary and Secondary schools. This year, there will be additional categories to include both National as well as European Projects.

eTwinning Webinar – Global Education and Interculturality in eTwinning

On the 9th April 2015 I presented an online seminar as part of the eTwinning online seminars organised from time to time by eTwinning, the main action of the European Commission.

The seminar was moderated by Rute Baptista -Pedagogical and Professional Development Officer of the European Commission-  and presented by me Rose-anne Camilleri –eLearning Support teacher (primary).

The participants, a surprising number of 185 teachers from all across Europe, were interacting continuously which at times was rather overwhelming but very encouraging seeing so much interest in the area chosen.  The topic chosen was originally inspired from a module I was researching – Globalisation and interculturality in Technology Enhanced Learning- as part of my PhD studies.

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eTwinning New Registrations and New Projects Competitions: The Finalists!

January – March 2015 were very busy days for us at eTwinning Malta. During the first three months of the year, a total of 84 new teachers have registered on the platform, and Maltese teachers have formed or joined 19 new projects – 18 European Projects and 1 National Project.  As announced in January 2015, newly registered teachers and teachers engaging in eTwinning Projects during this time-frame are eligible to participate in our 2015 Competitions.  More details about this competition can be found here:

Up for grabs are:  External Hardisks, Battery Packs (battery chargers for mobile devices) and USB Sets (pen drives, hubs and usb mouse).

The official lottery results and videos will be uploaded next week. Meanwhile, we have compiled a list of eligible teachers and projects which you can download:

New Teacher Registrations Registered Teachers 1 Jan -…

New Projects 2015 Projects January-March 2015

See you next week with the official results! :)