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eTwinning/EUPA Meeting for Members of the Senior Management Teams

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 11.44.50The eTwinning National Support Service, in collaboration with the European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA) is pleased to announce a joint training session for members of the Senior Management Team who are interested in introducing eTwinning initiatives in schools. The training session will also serve participants to familiarize themselves with funding opportunities available through Erasmus +. College Principals, Education Officers and Heads of Department are also invited to attend.

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Digital Treasure Hunt – eTwinning Celebration Week

Treasure Hunt at Mdina – Saturday 21th May from 9.30 – 12:00

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 10.47.21 Teachers from all educational sectors are invited to participate in a Treasure Hunt, which will be held in Mdina. This activity will be the apex of the eTwinning Celebration week. Students will be using portable mobile devices in order to solve the puzzles and also take part the activities. They are encouraged to bring their tablets or smartphones to use during the activity.

Participation is strictly by consultation with the Head of School, parents and the eTwinning NSS. Interested schools are requested to send an email to the eTwinning NSS on When registering your interest please note that:

  1. The ratio of students per teacher should not exceed 5:1. The treasure hunt will be managed by the eTwinning staff, however accompanying teachers are expected to support this event by taking part as well.
  1. It is recommended that schools involve the students’ parents.  Parents can accompany their children during this activity.

Meeting place: Mdina ditch entrance near the Greek Gate (near ditch car park)

Time: 9.30 – 12.00

The treasure will be animated by the MOVE group.

Participating teachers and students from all educational sectors will receive eTwinning tokens. For more information kindly contact the eTwinning National Support Service on 25982150 or by sending an email to

eTwinning in Practice Workshops – Apply Today!

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 09.23.27Invitation for Teachers and Students to attend the following workshops – eTwinning in Practice at the San Gorg Preca Primary School – Hamrun GP

As part of the eTwinning Celebration week the eTwinning NSS is proud to offer a programme of activities spanning across 16th – 21st May 2016.

Workshops at the San Gorg Preca Primary School – Hamrun GP

Teachers and students are invited to attend sessions on Digital Literacy and eTwinning, which will be animated by colleagues at San Gorg Preca Primary School Hamrun GP. There will be different slots for primary and secondary schools.

Attendance is strictly by prior booking and on a first come first served basis. It is important that each class is accompanied two members of staff (teachers/LSA’s etc.). Transport will be provided and funded by the eTwinning NSS.

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Application for eTwinning Quality Labels 2016

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 10.56.42Teachers participating in eTwinning projects during this scholastic year are being invited to apply for the eTwinning National Quality Label. Teachers who apply and are awarded a Quality Label for the first time in 2015 – 2016 will automatically be eligible to participate in the Best Newcomer Category (Primary or Secondary). Teachers who have previously applied for a Quality Label will automatically be eligible to participate in the Best Project Category (according to pupil’s age groups). Teachers are only eligible for one category at any one time.

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Online Training Opportunities – eTwinning Term 3

The eTwinning National Support Service is pleased to publish the schedule for online training sessions planned for the third term of the scholastic year. The training, which will be held in May/ June 2016, will be open to Maltese and Gozitan Educators (Teachers, Kindergarten Assistants, Learning Support Assistants and members of the Senior Management Teams in Schools) as well as educators hailing from eTwinning Plus Countries. These include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Tunisia. Thus, these online sessions will not only provide practical and invaluable insights on the various aspects of eTwinning and Online Collaborative Projects, but they will also help Maltese participants to become acquainted with other Educators across Europe and beyond.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.47.35

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