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School leaders discuss how to use EU support for school development

200 school leaders with experience in Comenius and eTwinning gathered in Vilnius on Friday and Saturday to discuss how EU supported activities such as school partnerships and teachers’ in-service training can be used strategically to introduce positive changes at school.

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eTwinning Project of the Month: Historical and Cultural Values of Selected Regions in the South of Poland and Malta

Historical and cultural values ​​of selected regions in the south of Poland and Malta

Mr. Tonio Caruana, St. Michael School, St. Venera

One of the priorities in our School Development Programme is our participation in EU projects, mainly: eTwinning, Comenius and Leonardo. This priority has been established for the past seven years, and because of the benefits and the positive results we have harvested throughout these past few years, we continue to include these projects in our SPD.

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Deadline for Comenius Partnerships – Contact the National Agency for More Info

The European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA) would like to remind prospective Partnerships applicants that the deadline is Tuesday 21st February 2012. Details including application forms, guides, National eligibility and award criteria and other details are available at the EUPA website. For any queries, please contact the agency immediately on 2558 6130.

Comenius: Calls for proposals EAC/01/2011 and EAC/13/2011

Two calls for proposals were recently published on the Official Journal of the EU: 

(1) A Call for proposals EAC/13/2011 European Policy Network for the Implementation of Key Competences in School Education has been published on 21 June 2011 in the Official Journal C 180/25.

(2) A Call for proposals EAC/01/2011 European Policy Network on the education of children and young people with a migrant background has been published on 24 June 2011 in the Official Journal C 183/08.

Read more about these two calls by visiting the EUPA’s website on :

Comenius Week Activities

From the 2nd to the 9th of May 2011, schools are invited to celebrate European school collaboration through Comenius week activities.  The European Union Programmes Agency and the eTwinning National Support Service in Malta within the Curriculum Management and eLearning Department are encouraging schools to participate.
Schools can celebrate Comenius Week by:
– holding exhibitions about a Comenius project held or currently being implemented by the school or College;
– showing project products and results;
– holding an activity or communicate with partner schools during Comenius Week;
Schools can contact the European Union Programmes Agency to help students and teachers to promote their partnership and to publish their experience on a National newspaper or magazine. Material will also be made available on Schools can send photos of their activities and inform the European Union Programmes Agency when planning an exhibition related to Comenius by email at . The events will be
promoted on the website of the agency.
Further information about Comenius Week is available on Schools can also submit information on activities on
For further information kindly contact the European Union Programmes Agency on:  2558 6130 ,
You can also download CMeLD 80 – Celebrating Comenius Week 2011 by clicking on the link.

eTwinning/Comenius Project: Let’s make an online magazine!

internetforkidspcMs. Anna Gatkowska, of Gimnazjum im. Polskich Olimpijczyków, Lower Secondary School in Kraszewice, Poland, is currently seeking partners for an eTwinning/Comenius multilateral project.  The school caters for about 160 students and their ages range from 13-16 years of age.

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Comenius Project 2011-2013 wanting a partner school from Malta

Mr. Wolfgang Fischer would like to invite  a Maltese school to join them in their Comenius project. He says:

We want to start a Comenius project in Summer 2011. In the moment we are 7 schools from Poland, Romania, Denmark, Netherland, Greece, Spain and my school from Germany. We want to make a Preperatory Meeting in Novemer 2010 and all partners have joined projects before. The topics can be ICT, health, physical activities and we wait also for new ideas.

Students are in the age between 6 and 17 and from different types of school. If you need more information about the project, send me a email and I invite you to our homepage, since you need a keyword to view it.

If you would like to join Wolfgang Fisher you can look him up on the eTwinning Portal and send him an email, or send an email to to be given his contacts.