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eTwinning Learning Events – New Application Procedure

Attention, eTwinners: The Learning Lab has moved to eTwinning Live! As you may have noticed, there is now a new section on eTwinning Live called “Professional Development”. To apply for the upcoming Learning Events and Online Seminars now you need to follow these steps:

PD1) Go to the new section Professional Development.
2) Click on the title of the event you are interested in.
3) Then click on “Sign up” on the page that appears and tell us why you would like to take part in the activity.

As before, the application will open 1 week before the event. In the case of the Learning Events, you will receive an email from the Coordinator to tell you if you have been successful or not.

eTwinning Webinar – Global Education and Interculturality in eTwinning

On the 9th April 2015 I presented an online seminar as part of the eTwinning online seminars organised from time to time by eTwinning, the main action of the European Commission.

The seminar was moderated by Rute Baptista -Pedagogical and Professional Development Officer of the European Commission-  and presented by me Rose-anne Camilleri –eLearning Support teacher (primary).

The participants, a surprising number of 185 teachers from all across Europe, were interacting continuously which at times was rather overwhelming but very encouraging seeing so much interest in the area chosen.  The topic chosen was originally inspired from a module I was researching – Globalisation and interculturality in Technology Enhanced Learning- as part of my PhD studies.

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eTwinning Learning Event for Maltese Teachers – Learn about the Desktop and TwinSpace!

A new edition of the eTwinning Learning Event, ‘The Other Side of eTwinning’ has been announced. This year’s course will feature more training on the TwinSpace as well as the Desktop Tools: so it can be ideal both as a refresher course and also for those who want to start using the TwinSpace efficiently in their projects.

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The Other Side of eTwinning – an Online Learning Event for Maltese Teachers

For the second year running, the Maltese eTwinning National Support Service, in collaboration with the Central Support Service in Brussels, is pleased to offer an online Learning Event tailor-made for Maltese teachers. This event will be hosted by Ms. Marianne Schembri, Expert eTwinning teacher and Malta’s Ambassador for eTwinning. The focus of this Learning Event will be the eTwinning Desktop and online tools.  Read letter circular CMeLD 38/2012, eTwinning Online Learning Event for Maltese Teachers.

What are Learning Events?
eTwinning Learning Events are short, intensive online courses on a number of themes. They are led by an expert and include active work and discussion among teachers across Europe. They run entirely online for a duration of two weeks and all active participants will also receive a certificate of participation upon completion of the course.

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eTwinning Learning Event for School Leaders

eTwinning is organising an online Learning Event  targeted at School Leaders.  This event is specifically for those who hold a management role in their school as School Head Teacher, Deputy Head or Department Head. It will explore how to introduce eTwinning, how to support teachers in their eTwinning work, and the benefits that eTwinning can bring to your school.

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eTwinning Learning Event Presented by a Maltese Ambassador

Ms. Miriam Schembri, one of the eTwinning Ambassador for Malta, will be presenting an online Learning Event about Children’s Rights between the 14th and the 28th of October, 2011.  This Learning Event will explore the topic of Children’s Rights and how they affect classroom practice, and will also discuss approaches to teaching and project work within eTwinning. The number of applicants is limited 120. Applications will open on the the 7th of October, and interested teachers will be able to apply by clicking on the link which will appear on their eTwinning Desktop.

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eTwinning Learning Event on Internet Safety: Starts Today!

The eTwinning Learning Event “Internet Safety and You”, led by Karl Hopwood and sponsored by eTwinning Malta, starts today.  If you have been accepted, you will receive an email with your login and password in your mailbox today, Monday the 23rd of May.  This Learning Event will run until the 3rd of June.

The learning lab will allow teachers to explore the risks and benefits of the internet (including privacy, cyber bullying, sexting, validity and bias) and will look at what children and young people are really doing when they are online (as well as how they actually get online). There will be a range of resources and practical ideas to try in the classroom as well as opportunities to ask questions and collaborate with each other using the online forum. The main purpose of the learning lab is to increase teachers knowledge and understanding of eSafety issues so that they feel empowered to support their pupils in staying safe online. There will also be an opportunity to reflect on some of the difficulties for teachers in protecting their own professional identity online.