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The Early Years eTwinning Contact Seminar in Malta

by Janet Mifsud, St. Thomas More College, Marsaskala Primary

This seminar differed from other seminars as it presented us the opportunity to interact with educators from foreign countries some of whom are currently participating in eTwinning projects, while others were here to learn about eTwinning.

It was a pleasure to meet up with prospective partners who will be collaborating with us on our next project. Ideas were exchanged while there was ample time for some good practice sharing.

On Monday 21-03-11, two of the Polish participants paid a visit to our school, St Thomas More College, Marsaskala Primary. They were both overwhelmed by our colourful classrooms although according to their standards are quite small.

They congratulated us on our fantastic classroom ideas and even took photos thereof so as to apply them when they returned to their country.

Monika, Dagmara, Patricia and I found time for storytelling to our young ones in our classrooms. The children were so overjoyed by their visit in our classrooms that they were also eager to sing some traditional and action songs for our foreign counterparts in our national language.

All in all it was an unforgettable experience which I am sure we all shall always cherish.

Patricia and I would like to congratulate Ms Jeannette Cardona and Ms Amanda Debattista for the excellent organisation of this seminar and hope that we will have the opportunity for similar experiences in the near future.

A hearty thankyou goes to both organisers!!

The eTwinning Early Years Contact Seminar

by Ms. Dorianne Agius, San Gorg Preca College, Paola Primary A

The eTwinning Contact Seminar held in Malta was very interesting! Meeting up other educators is an unforgettable exprience. One learns from each other and seminars as the one being held in Malta are ideal in order to meet up prospective partners with whom one could register a project . Twinspace was thoroughly explained and help was provided when required. Hope that these Contact Seminars will be held again in the near future as it is always a pleasure being part of this collaborative experience!

eTwinning PDW Helsinki: Digital Media

helsinki004As part of the eTwinning initiatives, regular professional development workshops (PDW) are organised for teachers and other interested parties. In November, a PDW on digital media has been organised in Helsinki for secondary teachers. In the introductory meeting over 100 teachers were given an idea of how the etwinning portal works and how it has developed in its five years of existence. An important aspect that has been highlighted in this session was that the scope of eTwinning is not just to provide an online space for projects between European classes but also to serve as a platform through which teachers with similar interests may meet and share experiences and expertise.

The theme of this PDW was digital media. Three workshops have been organised:
• Digital Media
• Digitial Games
• Digital resources

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PDW for New Ambassadors, Sardegna – Workshop Report

In May 2010, a Professional Development Workshop was held in Villasimius, Sardegna, for new eTwinning Ambassadors. Two Maltese eLearning teachers attended this workshop: Ms. Joanne Spiteri and Ms. Lara Denise Grech. During this PDW, new Ambassadors discussed the launch of the new eTwinning Desktop in September 2010, and also how to build and maintain a successful TwinSpace. Below is a detailed report of these two workshops.

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PDW Report – Gothenburg, Sweden – Head Teachers

Report by: Ms Lorna Schembri, Service Manager ICT in Education, Mr Horace Caruana, College Principal and Mr Anthony Sammut, College Principal

Between the 11th and 13th March 2010, the above mentioned delegation represented Malta at the European Professional Development Workshop held in Gothenburg, Sweden. These workshops were aimed at Head Teachers and administrative school staff.

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PDW Report – Bratislava, Slovakia – Primary & Secondary Teachers

Report by Nadine Micallef

Between the 24th and 26th April 2009, Jacqueline Frendo and I set off to Bratislava in Slovakia for a european professional development workshop about eTwinning. More than 80 primary and secondary teachers from 22 different European countries met together to share and learn ideas from each other.

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PDW Report in Roskilde, Denmark – Climate Change

Report by Marvic Refalo

pdwdenmark1This international workshop took place on the 26th to the 28th March in Roskilde, Denmark, as part of the Creativity and Innovation European Year. 110 teachers and NSSs from 35 countries attended to share experiences and organise new projects all related to Global Warming and Climate Change. All participants were greeted with a tag marked with a coloured dot showing the amount of CO2 damage done in order to travel to this PDW.

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