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Results of the eTwinning Survey – Your eTwinning Profile

Between March and May 2013, the eTwinning National Support Service conducted a survey amongst all teaching grades in order to raise awareness about teachers’ eTwinning profile, how one becomes inactive (and therefore unsearchable on the eTwinning Desktop) and how this can be reversed. We also asked teachers if they were interested in joining or becoming again active in the action, and what steps the eTwinning NSS could take to facilitate this process. Click on the link below in order to find out the results of our survey.

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Results of eTwinning Survey: Inactive eTwinners

During March – May 2012, the Maltese eTwinning National Support Service carried out a survey amongst the 700+ eTwinners who are not active on the eTwinning Desktop.  Non Active eTwinners are divieded into Idle (have not logged on in the past 12 months) and Deactivated (have taken the step of deactivating their account).  The survey which was sent to all inactive users asked the teachers about the reasons why they have stopped logging on the eTwinning Desktop, whether they would like to participate in eTwinning in the future, and what they would like their NSS to do in order to facilitate their re-entry in eTwinning.

Click on the presentation below to learn more about the teachers’ responses in the survey.

eTwinning Awareness Seminar for Senior Management Teams in Schools 2012

The eTwinning National Support Service is organising a seminar for members of the Senior Management Team in schools.  College Principals, Heads and Assistant Heads of School are invited to apply for this two-hour seminar which will be held on Tuesday 20th March 2012, from 12:30 – 14:30, at the Learning Centre in Floriana.  For more details, read CMeLD Letter Circular 48/2012.

What is eTwinning?

eTwinning is the  Virtual Community for Schools in Europe. Teachers from all participating countries can register and use the eTwinning online tools (Portal, Desktop and TwinSpace) to meet virtually, exchange ideas and practice examples, team up in Groups, learn together in Learning Events and engage in online-based projects.
What are the benefits of eTwinning?
  • direct contact with other education professionals in European countries,
  • an awareness of teaching and/or management approaches used in other countries,
  • sharing and celebration of teachers’ own professional expertise and experience.

eTwinning Year Planner


The eTwinning year planner is out! Copies of it are being distributed to schools for teachers and senior management staff. If your school didn’t receive the year planners, or your school needs more of them, you can contact Jeannette Cardona or Amanda Debattista on 25982150 requesting the number of planners wanted and collect them from the eLearning Centre.

eTwinning Projects Kits

project-kitReady-made project kits are step-by-step guides to successful eTwinning projects.

The European eTwinning Helpdesk, together with teachers from different countries, have designed a number of kits for teachers who are looking for concrete ideas on how to implement a European collaborative project. Each kit relates to a theme and provides information on the target group, objectives and pedagogical value of the activities. eTwinning Kits can be used as such or adapted to your teaching context.

You can have a look at the available kits at: . Click on the subject you are mostly interested in and you will be given a list of kits related to it. At the right hand side you are also given the kits that have been mostly rated.


When you find a kit you like, you can then find a partner to work it out with. If you are and eTwinner, all you have to do is use the Partner finding section to search for a partner or to leave a post in the Partner Finding forum. If you not yet an eTwinner, go to and click on the registration button to enroll.

Every now and then we will start giving highlights of interesting projects kits for you to evaluate too.

If you need help in enrolling or in partner finding, don’t hesitate to contact the National Support Service on 25982150/79002150 or

National Quality Labels

quality_label.jpgAll projects receive a certificate upon foundation, but when you start working and putting up material within your twinspace or other web spaces, you can then apply for the National Quality Label. This label is to certify that the work you are doing is of good quality. If both you and your partner obtain the National Quality Label from your respective NSS Coordinator, you will be entitled for the European Quality Label too.

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Digital Equipment

eTwinning Malta NSS has a number of digital cameras, digital video cameras and webcams which can be issued on loan to schools participating in eTwinning projects for a maximum period of 3 days. If you need to request this service, don’t hesitate to contact the eTwinning coordinator.