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Hop, Skip and Jump: Coding with Hopscotch

I must admit that Hopscotch is one of my favourite coding apps, not only because it is fun and easy to use, but because it is so versatile that students from across all grades can learn how to code and have fun with the app. It follows a very simple concept: drag and drop blocks of code in order to form a program. But the interesting thing is this:  the ‘blocks’ can then be expanded, and the code made as complicated, or as easy, as the user allows or is able to. Students will be able to use the app to code a wide variety of things, from simple animations, to interactive art, and even other apps!

Download from:

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Snap a picture and write a guide – Snapguide

The great thing about smartphones and tablets is that they literally allow you to ‘work on the go’ – you see a scene or an object you like, you can snap a picture, tweak it and upload it onto your favourite social networking site – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – in minutes. You can also take a number of pictures in sequence to create a sort of order – a guide, if you like – and if you have the right app, publish it and share it in very little time and with very little effort. The App in question being Snapguide – available at the moment only on iOS devices (iPod, iPhone and iPad), with an Android version on the way, as well as a full version online at

Snap Guide Home Screen

What is Snapguide?

Imagine YouTube, but with an explanatory note included. Students start by taking pictures and videos, and embed them together in a Guide (hence – Snap – Guide!).  They just need to put the pictures in order – say, they are at a cookery or art lesson –  and add instructions or notes accordingly. Snapguide also allows students to fill in the ‘cover page’ – which can either be a list of materials or items needed – so that whoever views the guide can see at a glance what is needed. The guide can then be uploaded, shared (according to the uploders’ preferences),  embedded, etc. Users will be able to share their Guides – and others will be able to search for the guides – rather like one would search for a YouTube video.

And what better way to explain how to use Snap Guide, if not by demonstrating it via a Snapguide ? Click on the guide below to learn more.

Check out How to Use Snapguide by Tabitha Johnson on Snapguide.

It is also worth to take a look at Snapguide’s FAQ’s, which are very comprehesive and easily understandable even by young students:

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Coding Apps for Students: Demystifying the Terms and Making them FUN!

The terms ‘coding’ and ‘programming’ may sound like two out-of-this world terms for young learners. Of course, students do not know what a program is! Or an algorithm! How can young learners know what debugging means ?? True – these are not everyday words and terms that students would readily understand; however if one deconstructs the words, their actual meaning is pretty simple….

  • A PROGRAM – A series of instructions from the beginning to the end of a specific task. For example: go to the shop and buy a jar of marmalade and a loaf of bread.
  • An ALGORITHM  – Step by step instructions, usually to solve a specific problem. For example, unscrew the top of the marmalade jar, and spread the marmalade on the  toast delicately, as not to break the bread.
  • To DEBUG – To find a problem and solve it. For example, remember to use a knife to spread the marmalade, do not use your fingers, they will get all sticky !

Not so bad, eh ? So, how do tablets come in all of this ? Let’s find out…

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