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eTwinning: Online school partnerships celebrate their fifth anniversary

etwinning_anniversaryBrussels, 5 February 2010

Nearly 500 teachers are meeting in Seville to celebrate the fifth anniversary of eTwinning, an action that creates online communities of teachers and schools across Europe. Through eTwinning, over 85 000 teachers from across Europe work together in international school activities involving more than 50 000 schools in 32 European countries. In the five years of its existence, eTwinning has grown from being a partner-finding tool for teachers to become a rich, Europe-wide community of teaching and learning (www.etwinning.net). On 5 February, a prize ceremony is being held for 37 schools from 21 countries that are the top winners of this year’s eTwinning Awards for excellence in eTwinning.

This year’s annual conference in Seville marks the fifth anniversary of eTwinning. Over the three days of the conference (5 – 7 February), teachers from thirty-two countries in Europe, as well as national and European representatives, will take stock of the initiative. eTwinning makes the most of Web 2.0 tools to promote –
• project work with pupils,
• online communities for teachers, and
• numerous opportunities for professional development.

Odile Quintin, the European Commission’s Director-General for Education and Culture, will open the conference. She congratulated the many thousands of dedicated teachers for their contributions to this innovative education tool: “eTwinning is a true community of practice, learning, excellence and innovation in education both at the European level and worldwide. The teachers participating in eTwinning have shown how powerful the learning experience can be for children when it is enriched through international collaboration, cultural and linguistic exchange using twenty-first century tools.”

On 5 February, the top eTwinning projects will be awarded prizes for their excellence in eTwinning during the 2008-2009 school year. The awards come in three age categories (4-11, 12-15 and 16-19) and four thematic categories (Spanish language, French language, Maths & Science, and Creative use of Digital Media). In total, 37 schools from 21 countries came away as the top winners. The prizes for the age category winners are participation in the eTwinning Camp (to be held in April/May), and the special categories winners receive school equipment and professional development opportunities.

The eTwinning action is coordinated by European Schoolnet on behalf of the European Commission.

John Macdonald : + / John.MACDONALD@ec.europa.eu
Sophie Andersson : + / Sophie.ANDERSSON@ec.europa.eu

Celebrating 5 years of eTwinning!

etwinning_anniversaryIn great anticipation for this year’s annual eTwinning Conference to be held in Spain, the following interactive site http://groups.
 will provide you with all the necessary details about the conference programme, location and participants.

2010 marks the 5th anniversary of eTwinning – so let’s all celebrate together with our representatives in Seville.

Live streaming!

elluminateFor those eTwinners unable to attend the conference in person, fear not! The event will be streamed live online through Elluminate. To access the Elluminate V-room on the day of the conference, click on the individual sessions in the official conference site.


Friday, 5 February:
– Plenary Session 1: Welcome to the eTwinning Conference 2010 (14.00-15.15)
– Plenary Session 2: Keynote Address by Stephen Heppell, eTwinning Conference 2010 (15.45-17.00)
– eTwinning Prizes 2010 – Award Ceremony (17.00-18.00)

Saturday, 6 February:
– eTwinning Conference 2010: Workshop on “The future of learning” run by IPTS (10.00-11.30 in English)
– eTwinning Conference 2010: Workshop on “Tools to support eTwinning interaction” (12.00-13.30 in English)
– eTwinning Conference 2010: Workshop on “Achieving collaboration” (15.00-16.30 in Spanish)

Sunday, 7 February:
– The future of learning: Panel session and closing of the eTwinning Conference 2010 (9.45-11.45)

Annual eTwinning Conference 2009 Report

Report by Michelle Cauchi

Last year I decided to participate in an eTwinning project with a school from Poland. This turned to be a successful partnership which is presently still ongoing. This conference gave me the opportunity to exhibit all the work done through this collaboration.

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Annual eTwinning Conference 2009 Report

Report by Marlene Gatt

The eTwinning Conference was held in Prague, Czech Republic between 13th and 15th February 2009.

I had worked on an eTwinning Project during the previous year, which venture had been extremely rewarding both for my students and for myself. “eTwinning is a framework for schools to collaborate over the Internet with other partner schools from around Europe. Using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) two or more schools from two or more European countries can work in partnership on a project of their choosing. This becomes a valuable learning experience in which pupils and teacher alike encounter new cultures while developing ICT skills”.

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Annual eTwinning Conference 2009 Report

Review by Maria Montebello

At the conferenceOVERALL REVIEW

This year’s annual conference was held in Prague from 13 – 15 February 2009. The event hosted over 400 participants, comprising teachers from across Europe, representatives from eTwinning’s central and national support services, and other important stakeholders in school education. The conference focused on ‘Creativity and eTwinning’ and speakers included Jan Figel, the European Commissioner for Education, Training, Culture and Youth; as well as Dr Edward De Bono, an expert in lateral thinking, and an Ambassador for the European Year for Creativity and Innovation 2009.

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Annual eTwinning Conference 2009 Report

Report by Isabelle Vella

Workshop 1: Creativity and Innovation

This workshop was mostly interactive and so we had the opportunity to explore several facets of creativity through hands-on tasks.

Firstly we listened to relaxing music and then we were invited to write down what we had imagined while listening to this particular music. Surprisingly enough one of my colleagues and I imagined the same thing and this made me realise that being creative doesn’t necessarily mean to be original or unique in whatever you do. In fact I started thinking of my students’ work and how sometimes I tend to reward only those students who come up with original ideas. This realisation made me feel rather uncomfortable but I made it a point to start appreciating each and every student’s ideas more. Another aspect of the workshop which I had never reflected on was that one needs to be relaxed to be creative. In fact I am now realising that neither my students nor I can be creative in an environment where we are time restricted or where we do not feel relaxed in any way.

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The Maltese exhibition at the Annual eTwinning Conference

Maltese table at exhibitionA call has been made a couple of weeks ago for any Maltese eTwinner willing to send samplse of his/her project work to be exhibited in our stand at the Annual eTwinning Conference held in Prague from the 13th to the 15th of February 2009. Some of the Maltese delegatesA number of project material was received through email, postal mail or was even brought  to the NSS office in person. The delegates representing Malta also brought their own project work with them and a taste of Maltese traditional food to make a tasty display.

The stand featured a variety of projects from kindergarten level to secondary level. A great thanks to all who sent in their project work.

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