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Collaborative Tool: Imagination Cubed

Article by Amanda Debattista

collaborative_doodleImagine two classrooms set in different countries – say one in Malta, one in the UK. Both sets of students are collaborating together on a project. They would like to create a drawing or a picture together, and have thought of using a regular drawing program, such as the ones already pre-installed on their desktops. However, conventional paint programs only allow people to work at a drawing asynchronously; for them to collaborate on the same picture it would require them to save a copy of the drawing and e-mail it back and forth to each other, until everyone has added their piece. This is often time-consuming and may not reach the desired effect in the end.

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Ning – Social Networking

ning_logoNing is an online platform, used primarily for creating private or closed social networks. Unlike other popular social networking applications such as Facebook or MySpace, which are open for all to join, Ning allows users to create private network for a particular group of online users. The network can be kept as private or as public as the creator desires, and each member can be granted different permissions and given different roles in the general running of the network. Ning is being increasingly used in the educational field as both a tool and platform for collaboration. Users can opt to either take part in other members’ social networks or create a network from scratch of their own.

Report by Amanda R. Debattista

Sharing Resources – Online Slide-Shows

One of the most common types of resources which you might be in possession of are Slide Shows – Picture Slide shows or more traditional presentations or Power Point shows. Both can be adapted to online uploading and viewing – on a website, wiki or blog.

Article by Amanda R. Debattista


animotoAnimoto is an online service, enabling the user to create unique trailer-like videos which can be shared with other users. The application also enables the user to upload a soundtrack to accompany the photos.

Report by Amanda R. Debattista


avatarAn avatar is a graphical representation of oneself, or, in other words, a picture which represents the user. It can be similar in appearance to the user who created it; or it could be totally different, like an ‘alter ego’ of oneself. Avatars can be static or animated.

Article by Amanda R. Debattista

Digital Animation

Animation is incremental changes to drawings or objects to produce slightly different images. Playing back these images creates the illusion of movement. Software like Stop Motion Pro can be used to shoot a succession of photos and then plays them in the form of a video.

Article by Jeannette Cardona