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eTwinning Self Teaching Materials are now online

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 19.43.19A new mini-site called  Self Teaching Materials has just been launched by eTwinning. The mini-site is meant to be used as a tool to help orientate eTwinners, both experienced and new, in their eTwinning journey: how to plan a project, how to manage a TwinSpace, how to profit from eTwinning Professional Development opportunities and much more. Self Teaching Materials include presentations and video clips in all languages, structured in various modules. At the end of each module, eTwinners can take a quiz and test how much they learnt. If they answer correctly most of the questions, they will gain points which will enrich their Progression Bar. The mini-site is divided into five modules: The basics of eTwinning – Communicating in eTwinning – Collaboration in eTwinning Professional development and networking  – How to achieve quality. The modules will be progressively released during the year. Do not miss the chance to test your knowledge of eTwinning, whether you have been an eTwinners for years or you just joined the community: there is certainly something to learn for anyone!

Start learning more about eTwinning by visiting the self-teaching materials now:  https://stm.etwinning.net/.