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eTwinning celebration at Hamrun GP Primary

Ms. Maria Magro, Year 4 teacher at San Gorg Preca College, Hamrun GP Primary, invited the eTwinning National Support Service to participate in a small class celebration to close this year’s eTwinning projects. Ms. Magro has participated in various projects during this scholastic year, namely Faces, Schoolovision 2011, Snapshot of Europe 2011, What is the weather like today?, From the nursery of Salzburg to the Royal Theatre of Vienna, and made a certificate for each child in her class as a keepsake.

Ms. Maria Antoinette Magro with eTwinning NSS

One of the pupils receiving the certificate and a token from the eTwinning NSS

eTwinning Project of the Month – Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark

Project by: Maria Antoinette Magro of St. Gorg Preca College, Hamrun GP Primary.

“Noah’s Ark” was an eTwinning project planned by St. Gorg Preca College, Dun Gorg Preca Primary School C, Hamrun, Malta and Spojena skola Tilgnerova, Bratislava, Slovakia, during scholastic year 2009/2010.

noahsarkIt was a project about animals and we chose the above title because Noah’s Ark has become a symbol which isn’t exclusively related only to the Bible story we find in Genesis, but represents the ecological values of defending the eco-system and animal species. The symbol of Noah’s Ark also interests many of our children due to the fact that since we have a Christian backround, most of them have already heard this Bible story and like its theme. Noah inspires children to love animals and care for them just as he did. As a general rule, children love animals dearly and their love for them motivated and inspired them to be creative in their writings and in the ICT creations for this project.

The main aim of the project was to encourage children to write and express themselves well in English. The project also enabled children to compare and contrast animals found in Malta and in Slovakia and to research information about these animals and their habitats. It improved the children’s ICT skills and helped them realise that ICT can truly be an asset towards learning in a better and a motivated way. It also improved the children’s creativity through various media.

The project started with the children from both schools introducing themselves to each other through a powerpoint presentation and individual emails they sent through TwinSpace. Children wrote about their pets, giving descriptions, food they ate and how they took care of their pets. They listed the advantages and disadvantages of having and not having pets. The children created photo albums with pictures of their pets and adding text in English and in the native languages of Malta and Slovakia. The children’s writings and creations were uploaded in a blog: http://the-ark-of-noah-malta-slovakia@blogspot.com.

We also used audacity to record children singing or relating stories about animals and these were uploaded in animated avatars of animals created using voki. The children also shared information about other animals found in both countries, including their habitats and environment in which they live.

Writing riddles and producing animal cards with information about each animal was a wonderful way of encouraging children to enhance their interest in the project and in learning in general. The information about animals was written in English and the cards could be used to play a matching game, matching picture with its correct information while gaining points to each correct one. We also created crosswords and puzzles and colouring-by-number pictures, which children enjoyed during their free time.

Our project was a cross-curricular one and so it also included some cookery sessions. The children transformed muffins into sheep and chicks at Easter time and a long chocolate-biscuit-caterpillar during Spring when the topic was “Life Cycles of Animals.”

The children wrote songs and a story in ten parts with their own illustrations and it also involved animals especially those children are familiar with in both countries respectively.

At the end of the scholastic year, we could say that both teachers and students alike have grown to love animals more and more and thus the aims of the project were reached.  We also realised that it was a pleasure to work together as a team even though we never saw our Slovakian partners face to face. The best part of it was that we all made new friends and we have learnt lots of interesting things from each other in a wonderful way through the fantastic world of ICT.




This project was awarded first prize in the eTwinning National Awards in May 2009.

A Winning eTwinning Project with a Maltese Partner!

fourthgodj8The eTwinning Annual Conference is now on our doorstep and will be celebrating the achievements of the best eTwinning projects carried out during 2009. The list of the finalists for the main three categories and the winners of the special categories is now official too. The winner of the Creative use of Digital Media Category is Schoolovision 2009 which was a project between 28 different countries. We are very proud to announce that Malta is part of this winning project too! The maltese teacher taking part in this project is Maria Antoinette Magro, a Year 4 teacher at San Gorg Preca College, Hamrun GP Primary.flsh06

Schoolovision 2009 made use of a variety of digital resources to make a song contest between 28 countries, where each country had to vote the best song for Europe. Flashmeeting was used to make live conferencing among all 28 countries at the same time. These sessions were used among the teacher participants to plan the project first. Later on other Flashmeeting sessions were carried out during school hours where all the 28 classrooms involved could meet to get to know each other. Finally it was used to vote for the best song. All the songs were performed and videorecorded by the class children and uploaded in the Schoolovision 2009 blog for the rest to view. The winner of the song contest was a school in Brno, Czech Republic and the founder of the project presented them with a trophy.

This project has won many other awards. Many countries, including Malta, has awarded this project a National eTwinning award, but it was also awarded two other prestigious awards: The Global Junior Challenge 2009 award and the eLearning award 2009 for the Best Cross Border Cooperation in Europe.

Congratulations to all the members of this project especially to Maria Magro!

eTwinning class celebration at Hamrun GP Primary

certOn the 18th June, Ms. Maria Antoinette Magro of Year 4M at Hamrun GP Primary organized an eTwinning celebration to close her eTwinning year with her present pupils. Ms. Magro invited the pupils’ parents for this celebration which took place in the school media room. She also invited the eTwinning National Coordinator to present a certificate to each child. A board was put up in the room with a sample of all the 5 projects the pupils have participated in this year. The projects were: Home Sweet Home with a partner from Poland, Kids in Malta and Norway far away but learning together with a Norwegian partner, This is my life with a Scottish partner and Animal Talk and Schoolovision 2009 with about 30 partners from all over Europe. The latter project was also a runner up in the National eTwinning Awards which were announced at the end of May 2009.

The cermony started with Ms. Maria Antoinette Magro’s introduction to the parents and a short resume’ of all the 5 projects, their aims and conclusions. Next, it was time for a short message from Jeannette Cardona, the eTwinning coordinator, where the parents got an insight of what eTwinning is all about and the benifits their kids had gained from participating in such projects. The eTwinning coordinator presented all the pupils with the certificates Ms. Magro had presented and also gave them a token for their 2nd place in the National Awards.

The pupils then sang the song which they participated with for the Schoolovision 2009 project entitled Il-Vapur ta’ l-Art. All the parents enjoyed listening to their pupils sing and even joined in by clapping to the beat.

Ms. Magro had another surprize for the pupils. She prepared them a token as a keepsake for the winning project and she gave one to each pupil.

After the cermony, some refreshments were served.




Project by:
Maria Antoinette Magro
Year 4
San Gorg Preca College
Hamrun GP Primary

"Il-Vapur ta' l-Art" from MaltaThe year 2009 is the European Year of Creativity and Innovation and Michael Purves, a Scottish eTwinner, came up with the idea of creating the “Schoolovosion2009″ Project. This project was open to primary schools from all eTwinning countries. Each participant country (thirty one in all) had to choose a song of their choice, video record it and upload it in the project blog using the video upload section within blogger. Songs had to be uploaded by the 8th of May so that each participant class had enough time to watch and listen to all the songs and vote for their favourite ones. My students watched and listened to all the songs on Monday 11th May.

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