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Happy Minds Strong Bodies eTwinning Project wins in Poland

The Polish National Support Service has recently advertised their list of winning projects for this scholastic year. One of these projects is Happy Minds Strong Bodies, by Christine Zukier from the Pre-Integration “Gromadka Uszatek Bear” in Schwerin Lubuskie, Poland, which has Maltese partners in it.  The Maltese partners in this project are Ms. Patricia Bondin and Ms. Janet Mifsud from St. Thomas More College, Marsaskala Primary. In Malta this project was awarded the National Quality label too for its interesting and extensive activities.

The Maltese NSS together with the Maltese partners would like to  congratulate ourselves with the polish partner for winning this award.

Our Neverland – An activity by Marsaskala Kindergarten section

by Ms Janet Mifsud & Ms Patricia Bondin

The Kindergarten Section of St. Thomas More College, Marsaskala Primary organized an event called ‘Our Neverland’.

The main idea behind this event was to raise the awareness of the children about the planet where collectively we can change our world into a DREAM PLACE full of LOVE and FAITH just as the lyrics of the song ‘My Neverland’ go.

For this event, held on 29-04-11, the children and kindergarten assistants donned t-shirts in the colours of the rainbow.

This was one of the activities involving all the Kindergarten Section. The little kindergarteners were lead down to Marsaskala promenade where they then formed a human chain symbolising their pact for the betterment of our world.

On returning to school the little ones were guided to the school sports ground -appropriately named ‘Our Neverland’ for the occasion, where they all sat down on the turf forming a colourful rainbow which symbolised unity in our mission.

At the end of the event the Headmaster Mr W.Cassar addressed all present while Ms C. Barbaro-Sant who co-ordinated this wonderful event, gave a brief speech about the scope behind this activity.

We then all welcomed Mr Ivan Grech – lead vocalist of renowned local band Wintermoods to sing his song ‘My Neverland’.

It’s all about LOVE
It’s all about FAITH
It’s all about DREAMS
It’s all about You and I
In my neverland.

Thus if we all had to BE LOVE and live IN FAITH and DREAMS we would surely change our world into ‘Our Neverland’

This activity was organised to highlight the events organised during EKOFEST at St Thomas More College – Marsaskala Primary.

Ms Janet Mifsud & Ms Patricia Bondin linked  this activity to their eTwinning project – Happy Minds Strong Bodies.

The eTwinning Carnival Competition winners receive their prizes

This week the National Support Services visited the schools of the winners of this year’s eTwinning Carnival Competition . The winners were presented with their prizes. The prizes for the winners of the first place was a web cam. The second prize was a 2Gb pendrive and the third prize was a USB hub. The teachers of the winning teams were also presented a 4Gb pendrive. All the schools welcomed the National Support Service warmly and a small celebration took place within the classrooms or during assemblies.  

First Prize winner in Secondary Schools - Jeffrey Okpara from St. Theresa College, Sta. Venera Boys Secondary. Also in this photo are Ms. Alexia Baldacchino and Luke Farrugia, another participant from the school.

Second and Third Prize Winners in Secondary Schools - Julia Psaila and Chelsea Ciantar from St. Dorothy Senior School, Zebbug. Also in this photo are Ms. Josianne Sacco together with other participants from this school.

First Prize Winners in Primary schools - Kaya Bartolo, Martina Micallef, Zack Bartolo and Kian Leonardi from St. Clare College, San Gwann Primary A together with their teacher Ms. Susanne Fagerbakke.

First Prize Winner in Primary schools - Kay Darmanin Farrell from San Gorg Preca College, Paola Primary A receiving prize from the eTwinning NSS.

Second Prize Winners in Primary schools - Maia Paris, Matthew Harrington, Jake Grech and Lana Harrington from St. Margaret College, Xghajra Primary together with their Eko School Committee teacher, Ms. M. Agius

Second Prize Winners for Primary schools - Kaylin, Sven, Ezmily and Chanelle from St. Thomas More College, Marsaskala Primary together with their teachers Ms. Rosette, Ms. Isabelle and Ms. Anna.

Third Prize Winners for Primary schools - Kirsten Abela Caruana and Aleyna Tavukcu from St. Catherine's High School, Pembroke

Most of the other schools that participated in this competion were also visited by the National Support Service and a small token was given to each participant and their teacher.

The Bee-Bot experience in an eTwinning project

by Ms. Janet Mifsud and Ms. Patricia Bondin, St. Thomas More College, Marsaskala Primary

As part of our eTwinning project HAPPY MINDS STRONG BODIES the children in Ms Janet and Ms Patricia’s Kinder Classes 2.4 and 2.5 have Tiko Tiko – Our Mascot Robot. Tiko Tiko always emphasizes the importance of drinking good clear water.

Today Tiko Tiko and our young pupils had a surprise visit by a Bee-Bot whom they decided to name Zinn-Zinn. Zinn-Zinn came to our class to show us what her favourite foods. But we had to help her find the way around by pushing the buttons on her back mainly for commands such as forward, backward, turning to the left, turning to the right and also counting the squares on which to move along. The children were ecstatic to be able to handle the bee-bot so well thus giving them the opportunity to use technological resources available to them at our school St Thomas More M’Skala Primary.

Zinn zinn was very happy that the children chose nutritious foods for her to eat to make her happy – thus grow strong!!!

The Early Years eTwinning Contact Seminar in Malta

by Janet Mifsud, St. Thomas More College, Marsaskala Primary

This seminar differed from other seminars as it presented us the opportunity to interact with educators from foreign countries some of whom are currently participating in eTwinning projects, while others were here to learn about eTwinning.

It was a pleasure to meet up with prospective partners who will be collaborating with us on our next project. Ideas were exchanged while there was ample time for some good practice sharing.

On Monday 21-03-11, two of the Polish participants paid a visit to our school, St Thomas More College, Marsaskala Primary. They were both overwhelmed by our colourful classrooms although according to their standards are quite small.

They congratulated us on our fantastic classroom ideas and even took photos thereof so as to apply them when they returned to their country.

Monika, Dagmara, Patricia and I found time for storytelling to our young ones in our classrooms. The children were so overjoyed by their visit in our classrooms that they were also eager to sing some traditional and action songs for our foreign counterparts in our national language.

All in all it was an unforgettable experience which I am sure we all shall always cherish.

Patricia and I would like to congratulate Ms Jeannette Cardona and Ms Amanda Debattista for the excellent organisation of this seminar and hope that we will have the opportunity for similar experiences in the near future.

A hearty thankyou goes to both organisers!!

eTwinning Project of the Month – A Healthy Mind… A Healthy Body

A Healthy Mind .. A Healthy body

by Ms. Romina and Ms. Bryndis, St. Thomas More College, M’Skala Primary

This project for the scholastic year 2010/2011, is between two Maltese kindergarten assistants, Ms. Romina and Ms. Bryndis, from St. Thomas More College, M’Skala Primary and Ms. Mihaela Criveanu from Madona- Dudu Preschool, Romania.

The starting point of the project was reading the story of ‘Robi r-Robot’ which is written by the Maltese author, Trevor Zahra. Robi is the mascot of our project – he carries the flag of Malta and that of Romania. Robi is a happy robot, because he likes to eat healthy food, he likes to practice keep-fit and also likes to keep himself clean!

In this project, we are sharing different ideas about the importance of having a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally. Thus, we are carrying out various activities such as cooking healthy recipes, explaining about personal hygiene, and discussing about the importance of daily physical activities. The activities are helping the children to become more confident in what they can do, and also helping them develop new abilities.

During this year, the children are also being exposed to different technological devices such as the TuffCam, the easy scope digital microscope and the webcam. All the photos regarding these activities are posted on the eTwinning Twinspace, so that the Romanian children can see what we are doing, and they also share their activities with us via the same Twinspace.

Our main focus on this project is giving hands-on experience to the children, such as experiencing cooking in the class and looking closely at fruits and vegetables.

Furthermore, during this project the children are also learning about the lifestyle and culture of the Romanian people. In fact, the children learnt that the Romanian people have a different flag, a different language and different weather. During a video conference, these cultural aspects were manifested. The children sang to each other in different languages and they showed each other their flags. Luckily, during the web conferencing, in Romania it was snowing and our partner country showed us the snow out of the window!

The project is integrated with all the aspects of the pre-school curriculum: these include mathematics, literacy, creativity, social and emotional knowledge, understanding of the world around us and physical development.

Not only are we, Kindergarten Assistants, enjoying the project but it is also great fun for our kids!

Use of the Easi-Scope for an eTwinning Project: Kindergarten children at Marsaskala take a close look at their Vegetables!

As part of their eTwinning Project, the children of  Ms Bryndis & Ms Romina (Kinder 1.2 & Kinder 1.3) at St. Thomas More College, Marsaskala Primary, discussed the importance of eating vegetables. During the activity, the children used the Easi-Scope Digital Microscope. They were very excited to see magnified images of the vegetables. They were able to see various patterns, details and also colours – details that they never noticed before, but were able to appreciate with the help of the digital microscope!  The children really enjoyed seeing the detailed broccoli colours, the circle patterns on the onions, the marrow patterns and the carrot skin  on our class computer.  Later on they used the vegetables to make some vegetable printing. They are also looking forward to show  the interesting pictures  took during this activity to their eTwinning Partners.

A special thanks goes to the school’s eLearning teacher – Ms Joanne, who kindly showed the children and their teachers how to use the Digital Microscope during the classroom session. The children were also able to use the microscope on their own during other classroom activities.