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Classes of Ms Janet and Ms Bondin graduate after eTwinning success

cimg1211Ms. Janet and Ms. Bondin from St Thomas More College, Marsaskala Primary, celebrated their success in their first eTwinning project which placed third in the eTwinning Collaborative Projects awards this year. They organized a graduation cermony with their pupils, where each pupil was given a trencher and a certificate of participation.


More photos can be seen on their project blog.








At a later date, the eTwinning coordinator for Malta, Ms. Cardona, visited the school and presented the children with a token to congratulate them for their participation.

eTwinning visit to Gozo College, Girls Secondary School


The eTwinning National Support Service paid a visit to the winners of this year’s eTwinning Collaborative Project in Secondary schools to congratulate the students who took part in the project. The winning project was ‘The Other Side of the Coin’ by Mr. Mario Xerri together with Form 3 Liedna of Gozo College, Girls Secondary School. This project dealt with the students making research about different currencies around Europe and comparing their findings with their partner school in France. The students used powerpoint presentations to show their findings and emailed them to their partners. They also put up two videoconferences in which they also met and discussed the topic. All the students who participated in this project were given a token to remember their participation in this project.


eTwinning National Awards Ceremony 2010

The eTwinning National Awards Ceremony took place  on Monday 24th May, 2010, at the Excelsior Hotel in Floriana.  During the ceremony, the eTwinning National Support Service awarded Quality Labels for eligible projects and eTwinning Awards for both the Primary and Secondary schools.

The ceremony kicked off with the airing of a short two-minute video which illustrated the activities that took place on the eTwinning stand at EMBED Best Use of ICT Awards.  Amongst other activities, pupils who visited the stand could take part in video conferences with other European schools, take photos and videos with Tuff Cams, explore nature with Easi-Scope microscopes and record interviews with Easi-Speak mikes.

The Director of Curriculum Management and eLearning, Mr. Raymond J. Camilleri, opened the Awards Ceremony by thanking all the teachers who participated in eTwinning for their good work throughout the year, and stressed the importance of collaboration and of affiliating our work with other project-based teacher communities, such as Eko-Skola.  The Director also thanked the National Support Service Coordinator, Ms. Jeannette Cardona and the Pedagogical Advisor, Ms. Amanda Debattista, for supporting the teachers in their projects.

This year eTwinning went through some important changes, most notably the implementation of the new TwinSpace.  The National Support Service organised workshops throughout the year to explain about the new TwinSpace and its tools.  During the evaluation process for the national awards, the National Support Service was pleased to note that a number of projects had already started to make good use of the new TwinSpace.


Apart from the TwinSpace, a new section was added to the eTwinning Desktop:  Resources.  This new feature now enables eTwinners to upload their resources directly on the Desktop for other teachers to view, download and use in their classrooms.  eTwinners are also able to look for resources using the search facility in the Resrouces section.  The introduction of the Resources section has prompted the National Support Service to introduce (for this year) a new section to the eTwinning Awards: the eTwinning Resources Awards.

Another important feature available on the eTwinning Portal are the eTwinning Learning Labs.  Learning Events are short intensive online events on a number of themes. They are led by an expert and include active work and discussion among teachers across Europe, and are designed as to be an enjoyable learning experience.  A certificate is given to all participants from the Central Support Services.  Participation is open to all eTwinning teachers from their Desktop.

After the Director’s speech, it was time to start the actual awards ceremony. The first teachers to be called on stage were those whose projects received a National Quality Label for their Projects.


After the Quality Labels, it was then time to announce the award winners.  This year two separate competions were organised:  one for Best eTwinning Project and one for Best eTwinning Project Resource.  The awards were sponsored by Vodafone Malta, Intercomp, Smart Technologies, Forestals and Exigy.  In the Primary Schools Category, the winners and runners up were:

1st Prize

Maria Antoinette Magro

“Noah’s Ark”

San Gorg Preca College, Hamrun Primary GP

2nd Prize

Michelle Cauchi

“All About Us”

St. Clare College, Gzira Primary

3rd Prize

Patricia Bondin & Janet Mifsud

“One Earth Different People”

St. Thomas More College,

Marsascala Primary

Merit Prize

Dorianne Farrugia

“Where We Live and What We Eat”

St. Theresa College, St. Venera Primary

In the Secondary Schools Category, the winners and runners up of eTwinning Projects 2010 were:

1st Prize

Mario Xerri

“The Other Side of the Coin”

Gozo College,

Girls’ Secondary School

2nd Prize

Fiona Galea

“E@rth C@re”

St. Albert the Great College, Valletta

After the assignment of eTwinning Projects Prizes 2010, it was time to announce the winners of the eTwinning Resources Awards.  In the Primary category, the winners and runners up were:

1st Prize

Marika Vella Montebello, Charmaine Bartolo, Elaine Camilleri.

St. Marguerite College, Zabbar Primary A

2nd Prize

Rita Portelli, Angolina Gauci & Doris Mallia

St. Marguerite College, Zabbar Primary A

Merit Prize

Eleonor Bugeja

Maria Regina College, Mosta Primary B

In the Secondary resources category, the winner was:

1st Prize

Alice Micallef

St. Ignatius College, Girls’ Junior Lyceum

At the end of the ceremony, the eTwinning National Support Service has also awarded two special achievement awards, given to two Maltese teachers for winning an award in the eTwinning Prizes 2010.  The first award was given to Ms. Marianne Schembri of St. Thomas More College, Fgura Primary A, for placing first in the 4-11 years category with her project, “Colours of Life”. Another award was given to Ms. Maria Antoinette Magro of San Gorg Preca College, Hamrun Primary GP, for receiving the Best Use of Creative Media award with her project, Schoolovision2009!

The eTwinning National Support Serivices would like to congratulate all the winners, and also thank all those involved in both the eTwinning Conference and EMBED for their ongoing support.

The Best eTwinning Project Resources Awards 2010

eTwinning is currently receiving applications for a new kind of award this year. Teachers who have been carrying out class or school projects using any digital resources and / or ICT tools can apply for the Best eTwinning Project Resources Awards 2010.  APPLY TODAY!

This award is to showcase the teacher’s project in the Resources section of the eTwinning desktop. There is no need to have a foreign partner to participate.  If you are already an eTwinner, all you have to do is log into your profile, go to the Resources tab and click on the Upload tab to upload your resources. If any resource is larger than 15Mb, you can use external repositories to host them and just upload a document with the link written in it. Then send the application form to etwinning@schoolnet.gov.mt by the end of April 2010

If you are not an eTwinner, but you have done a class / school project you can still participate! All you have to do is go to www.etwinning.net and click on Register Now! to get a login and password for your eTwinning profile. Then follow the steps mentioned above to apply for the awards.
More information about evaluating criteria and eligibility can be found in the Circular CMELD 45/10.
First prize winners in the Primary and Secondary section will represent Malta in the annual eTwinning Conference 2011 that will be held abroad. Other digital prizes will be given to the Best and Second Best Primary and Secondary Resources.
For further help, don’t hesitate to contact the National Support Service on 25982150 / 79002150 or etwinning@schoolnet.gov.mt

eTwinning Quality Label 2010 – Apply today!

national_quality_label_logo_newThe closing date to apply for this year’s National Quality Label in Malta is next Friday, 16th April. Hurry up – apply today!

Projects acquiring the Quality Label will be automatically eligible to participate in this year’s Best eTwinning Project Awards Competition. During the eTwinning National Conference taking place together with EMBED 2010 on the 21st May 2010, there will be the award cermony and the official presentation of the Quality Label certificates.

How to apply:
Go to My Projects within your eTwinning profile and click on the Apply for Quality Label link of your project to fill in the application form. Submit the form for evaluation. All Quality Label applications submitted by the 16th April will be evaluated by the end of April.

For further information contact the National Support Service on 25982150/79002150 or etwinning@schoolnet.gov.mt.

Apply for the eTwinning National Quality Label today!

national_quality_label_logo_newWith reference to the Circular CMeLD 45/2010, the eTwinning National Support Service would like to draw the attention to all those who have ongoing eTwinning collaborative projects with partners from Europe that they need to apply for the eTwinning National Quality Label to be eligible to take part in the National Awards competition. The deadline to submit your application for the National Quality Label in order to participate in this year’s National Awards is the 16th April 2010. Only projects granted the National Quality Label during this scholastic year are eligible to take part in the National Awards 2010 competition. For more information about the Quality Label read more here.

The eTwinning National Quality Label

national_quality_label_logo_newThe eTwinning National Quality Label is a certificate granted to teachers with excellent eTwinning projects. This certificate indicates that the project has reached a certain national standard. Your project will be marked with the Quality Label logo so that anyone viewing it will know that this is a quality project. 

Why should you apply for this label?

  1. The National Quality Label is a concrete recognition to teachers of high level of eTwinning activities. It also shows that the teacher has a commitment to quality and the ability to work collaboratively.
  2. This certificate will automatically give you the opportunity in taking part in the Annual eTwinning National Awards competition where the best collaborative projects will be awarded.
  3. Having this label will entitle you to be invited for the eTwinning National Awards ceremony for the presentation of a printed version of this certificate.
  4. If both you and your project partner are granted the National Quality Label, then you will also be granted the European Quality Label which entitles you to participate in the European Awards.

What are the criteria to be granted this label?

  1. Pedagogical Innovation and Creativity: Show how your project displays an innovative approach to teaching and learning and the creative ways you used to carry out the activities related to the project and to create the final product.
  2. Curricular Integration: Show how the project is integrated into the curriculum and which of its aspects it tackles.
  3. Collaboration between partner schools: Show how the project was planned between the partner teachers and the role of each partner. Show what kind of collaboration there was between the pupils taking part of the project.
  4. Creative use of ICT: State which tools and devices were used in the project and how they were significant for the accomplishment of the project results.
  5. Sustainability and Transferability: Show how the project could be expanded upon and how it could be used as a template for others to reproduce a similar project.
  6. Results and Benefits: Show what the outcomes of the project were and what the benefits were for the participants and their schools.
    How can you apply for this label?

In the section My Projects on your eTwinning profile, you will find a link “Apply for Quality Label” in the middle column of your project. Click on the link and fill in the details requested. Once you submit the form, a copy will be sent to the Malta National Support Service for evaluation. You will be notified once you are granted this label or contacted if any of the criteria mentioned above have not been met.