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Happy Minds Strong Bodies eTwinning Project wins in Poland

The Polish National Support Service has recently advertised their list of winning projects for this scholastic year. One of these projects is Happy Minds Strong Bodies, by Christine Zukier from the Pre-Integration “Gromadka Uszatek Bear” in Schwerin Lubuskie, Poland, which has Maltese partners in it.  The Maltese partners in this project are Ms. Patricia Bondin and Ms. Janet Mifsud from St. Thomas More College, Marsaskala Primary. In Malta this project was awarded the National Quality label too for its interesting and extensive activities.

The Maltese NSS together with the Maltese partners would like to  congratulate ourselves with the polish partner for winning this award.

Project of the Month: Let’s Make the Best out of Nature!

by Ms. Nathalie Scerri and Ms. Romina Briffa, St. Theresa College, Mriehel Girls’ Junior Lyceum

The aim of this project was to make the students aware of the beauty of nature around them, by focusing mainly on locally growing flowers. The students were expected to observe flowers, photograph them as a whole or to focus on various parts of the flowers. Such photos were used to create paintings, a wall mural, framed posters, photobooks and calendars. Besides, all the students acquired knowledge about the different flowers, mainly their names and characteristics. Such characteristics were then uploaded in a website which was developed during this project. Anyone willing to view the website, its URL is: www.magicofnature.weebly.com.  The students worked as a team, sharing ideas and information.

How did this project interact in our syllabus? The environment around us is a very important aspect in the Biology syllabus. In this project, we tried to focus on Biological topics which are definitively not the students’ favorite! Since environmental aspects tend to be discussed in other topics too, students consider them as boring and repetitive. But, since they researched the topics themselves, and due to the fact that they were presented in an innovative way, the students seemed more confident in these topics.

Nature and the environment is also a very important topic in the Art syllabus. Thus the focus on flowers has helped to show that Modern and Contemporary art is not just about geometric shapes or abstraction, but can be very delicate and detailed. The importance of photography in our subject is an essential tool and this entire project has enabled the students to become very resourceful with digital technology and computer aided software.

The advantage of this project was that both Art and Biology students learned to work in a team, and to share ideas and information. One benefit of this project was that students learned part of the syllabus in a completely innovative way…..learning was student-centered: the teacher just handed them the topic, and sub-topics to the different groups, and from then onwards, students used different technological means to research, present their work and share it with their colleagues. Learning these topics became an interesting and enjoyable one! Another important aspect is that a few of the school’s walls have been decorated with colorful images of flowers. Thanks to this project both we teachers and our students have learned to stop and admire nature. Others not involved in this project are stopping to admire students’ work on the school walls, browsing our website and our Facebook page. All in all, eTwinning has been a wonderful experience.

The following videos shows some of the beautiful photos Biology students took during their fieldtrip at the Red Tower area, Mellieha.

The next video shows the process of the making of the wall Floral Mural:

Meeting the winning eTwinning pupils at Paola B

Ms. Jeannette Cardona visited San Gorg Preca College, Paola Primary B to congratulate herself with the pupils of Mr. Joseph Saccasan whose eTwinning project placed 2nd in the National eTwinning Awards held on the 13th of May 2011. The pupils were given a small eTwinning notebook as a token each.

Mr. Joseph Saccassan together with his pupils and the LSA, Ms. Josephine Delia took part in the project “Welcome to My World” with a polish class.  Among all the excellent work done by these two classes, the pupils from Paola Primary B, scripted and produced a short video about bullying.

Project of the Month: Welcome to My World

Mr. Joseph Saccasan from San Gorg Preca College, Paola Primary B, together with the polish teacher, Ms. Marta Strzelczyk from Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny nr 3, founded the project called “Welcome to My World” at the beginning of this scholastic year. The aim of this project was for pupils from both schools to present their lives to each other.

The pupils were paired or grouped with pupils from the other school and they sent each other, Word documents or PowerPoint presentations about various topics, like who we are, our homes, our school and class, places of interest in our country… These presentations and documents were shared on TwinSpace.

The pupils made school visits to historical sites and museums in Malta and used digital cameras to take photos and videos to be able to share with their partner school. They also shared their traditional dance and celebrations about Christmas and Carnival.

The Maltese folk dance:

The project also focused on the theme of ‘Bullying’ since both schools had experienced bullying problems amongst teens. For this purpose, the Paola B pupils decided to produce a short film about ‘Bullying’. Before the filming took place, the teacher invited experts to talk to the pupils and they made a discussion about the topic with them. The pupils were then divided into groups and they wrote the script for their short film. Then the pupils filmed short clips and the teacher collated them into a short video and uploaded them on Youtube to embed into the TwinSpace. After making the film, the pupils also scripted and put up some puppet shows about the theme.

 The video clip created by the pupils at Paola Primary B:

A puppet show in Maltese:

 This project was awarded the eTwinning Quality Label and also placed 2nd in this year’s eTwinning National Awards.

31 eTwinning Quality Labels awarded this year!

The eTwinning National Support Service have just gone through an evaluation period of those eTwinning projects that applied for their National Quality Label by the 15th April 2011.

This certificate was awarded to the following projects:

  • 2011, International Year of Forests by Josephine Ebejer Grech, St. Ignatius College, Girls’ Junior Lyceum, Blata l-Bajda
  • A Healthy Mind… A Healthy Body by Bryndis Ellul, St. Thomas More College, M’Skala Primary
  • A Healthy Mind… A Healthy Body by Romina Bianco, St. Thomas More College, M’Skala Primary
  • A Train Load of Celebrations! by Michelle Cauchi, St. Clare College, Gzira Primary
  • Art through Art by Alexia Baldacchino, St. Theresa College, Boys Secondary, Santa Venera
  • Birds and Butterflies Exhibition by Alison Zammit Endrich, San Anton School
  • Bounding with Nature by Marika Vella Montebello, St. Margaret College, Zabbar Primary A
  • Building the Cultural Bridge of Friendship by Susanne Fagerbakke, St. Clare College, San Gwann Primary A
  • Caustic by Josephine Ebejer Grech, St. Ignatius College, Girls’ Junior Lyceum, Blata l-Bajda
  • Culture Swapping across Europe by Sandra Dwah, St. Clare’s College, St. Julian’s Primary
  • Dancing Our Way through Tradition by Diane Tonna, St. Clare College, San Gwann Primary A
  • Eratosthenes Measurements 2010 by Saviour Tabone, Gozo College, Xewkija Primary
  • Euro Calendar by Anna Vassallo, St. Nicholas College, Bahrija Primary
  • EUROBOTS by Mario Xerri, Gozo College, Girls’ Secondary School
  • Faces by Maria Antoinette Magro, San Gorg Preca College, Hamrun GP Primary
  • From the Nursery of Salzburg to the Royal Theatre of Vienna by Maria Antoinette Magro, San Gorg Preca College, Hamrun GP Primary
  • Happy Minds Strong Bodies by Patricia Bondin & Janet Mifsud, St. Thomas More College, M’Skala Primary
  • Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies by Marcelle Mercieca, St. Thomas More College, M’Skala Primary
  • Imagination through Stories by Michelle Cauchi, St. Clare College, Gzira Primary
  • Intercultural Dialogue through Fairy Tales, Drama and Art by Marouska Azzopardi Duca, St. Clare College, San Gwann Primary B
  • Let’s Make the Best out of Nature by Nathalie Scerri and Romina Briffa, St. Theresa College, Girls’ Junior Lyceum, Mriehel
  • Little Painters by Michelle Cauchi, St. Clare College, Gzira Primary School
  • Living in Harmony with Nature by Josephine Ebejer Grech, St. Ignatius College, Girls’ Junior Lyceum, Blata l-Bajda
  • My Place, Your Place by Doreen Agius, San Gorg Preca College, Paola Primary B
  • Our Green Christmas by Romina Hollier, San Gorg Preca College, Paola Primary B
  • Our Green Planet by Saviour Tabone, Gozo College, Xewkija Primary
  • Re: Healthy Lifestyle by Nadia Formosa, St. Clare College, San Gwann Primary A
  • Ready, Set, Shape! by Veronica Debono, St. Ignatius College, Zebbug Primary
  • Welcome to My World by Joseph Saccasan, San Gorg Preca College, Paola Primary B
  • What’s the Weather like today? by Maria Antoinette Magro, San Gorg Preca College, Hamrun GP Primary
  • Who Tells a Story by Maria Antoinette Magro, San Gorg Preca College, Hamrun GP Primary

All these projects are now in the run for this year’s eTwinning National Awards which will be awarded during a cermony on the 13th of May.

The Bee-Bot experience in an eTwinning project

by Ms. Janet Mifsud and Ms. Patricia Bondin, St. Thomas More College, Marsaskala Primary

As part of our eTwinning project HAPPY MINDS STRONG BODIES the children in Ms Janet and Ms Patricia’s Kinder Classes 2.4 and 2.5 have Tiko Tiko – Our Mascot Robot. Tiko Tiko always emphasizes the importance of drinking good clear water.

Today Tiko Tiko and our young pupils had a surprise visit by a Bee-Bot whom they decided to name Zinn-Zinn. Zinn-Zinn came to our class to show us what her favourite foods. But we had to help her find the way around by pushing the buttons on her back mainly for commands such as forward, backward, turning to the left, turning to the right and also counting the squares on which to move along. The children were ecstatic to be able to handle the bee-bot so well thus giving them the opportunity to use technological resources available to them at our school St Thomas More M’Skala Primary.

Zinn zinn was very happy that the children chose nutritious foods for her to eat to make her happy – thus grow strong!!!

The Early Years Contact Seminar in Malta

On the 18th March a delegation of 31 teachers from Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Slovenia joined 11 Maltese teachers for a 2 day seminar in Malta.

The seminar kicked off with an ice-breaking activity at the Excelsior Hotel, Floriana. The participants were divided into 8 subgroups and had some time to get to know each other and then we all presented our group to the others.

At 6pm we had the official opening cermony presided by Mr. Raymond J. Camilleri who gave an interesting speech about The Early Years in Education. The Assistant Directors for the Curriculum Management and eLearning Department, Education Officers directly linked with Early Years and most of the staff of the eLearning Centre were present for the cermony.

During the cermony Dr. Philip Bonano, from the University of Malta, was invited to deliver his talk: “eTwinning Initiatives – Authentic Learning Contexts for Promoting 21st Century Skills“. A reception followed.

On Saturday 19th March, we had a full agenda of workshops. We started at 9am at the eLearning Centre labs. Before entering the first workshop, all the teachers were advised to make use of a flipchart to share their project ideas with the rest and to sign their name next to ones which they would be interested to work upon. The first workshop was about the eTwinning Desktop and TwinSpace. The delegation was split into three and the workshops were led by Ms. Jeannette Cardona, Ms. Amanda Debattista and Ms. Miriam Schembri.

The next session was Sharing of Good Practice. Teachers with eTwinning project from Malta and a representation per country showed their work to the rest of the groups. The Malta National Support Service would like to thank the following Maltese teachers who accepted to share their good work:

  • Ms. Miriam Schembri, St. Thomas More College, Fgura Primary A
  • Ms. Maria Antoinette Magro, St. Gorg Preca College, Hamrun GP Primary
  • Ms. Michelle Cauchi, St. Clare College, Gzira Primary
  • Ms. Patricia Bondin, Ms. Janet Mifsud, Ms. Bryndis Ellul and Ms. Romina Bianco, St. Thomas More College, Marsaskala Primary
  • Ms. Catherine Bezzina, St. Ignatius College, Siggiewi Primary  

After lunch, we organized a treasure hunt in Mdina. All the teachers formed 8 groups and they had to shoot a number of photos and videos of things according to their treasure hunt card. All the teachers, both foreign and Maltese enjoyed this experience.


On getting back to the eLearning centre, the photos and videos taken were used in the three parallel workshops which took place. The teachers had signed up previously to the workshop they would like to follow. The workshops were:

  • Mixbook – led by Ms. Christine Cachia Enriquez
  • Glogster – led by Mr. Raymond Bonnici
  • Smilebox – led by Ms. Miriam Schembri

In the evening all the participants had a good dinner at the Bella Vista Hotel in Qawra where we had more time to socialize and get to know each other.

On Sunday 20th March we had the last workshop – Planning a good project. But since unfortunately the Czech group had to leave us after only an hour we did the presentation of certificates of participation before we started the workshop. Then the teachers were divided into two main groups according to the project ideas they had previously said they’d be interested in. After a brief introduction about the steps to take to plan a good collaborative project, all the teachers had time to sit with their prospective partners and plan their project. Most of the groups also managed to register their project on the spot.