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eTwinning National Conference & Awards 2011

This year’s eTwinning National Conference will take place during May, in collaboration with EMBED 2011. There will be an exhibition of all the eTwinning projects and other ICT related projects created by teachers and students from all over Malta and Gozo. During the exhibition week there will also be pupils’ workshops where they will use various software and innovative technologies. The conference will culminate in an award giving ceremony for the best projects. eTwinning will also be awarding the best eTwinning projects for the scholastic year 2010-2011 in Primary and in Secondary schools.

Teachers participating in eTwinning projects during this scholastic year are being invited to apply for the National Quality Label. Once this label is granted, the project will automatically participate in the eTwinning National Awards.

How to apply for the Quality Label:

1) Organize your project TwinSpace: make sure that all the project resources are uploaded and/or well documented on your project TwinSpace. (Preference will be given to projects using the eTwinning tools provided on the TwinSpace. If you use any other website or blog, you can at least link to them on your TwinSpace.)

2) Apply for the Quality Label: go to the Projects tab and click on the Apply for Quality Label link. Fill in all the details and submit.

Evaluation Criteria:

1) Pedagogical Innovation and Creativity – how your project displays an innovative approach toteaching and learning

2) Curricular Integration – how the project integrates into the curriculum

3) Collaboration between partner schools – how the project was planned between the partner teachers; what the role of each partner in the project was; and the collaboration between pupils in the project

4) Creative use of ICT – what tools and devices were used to make the project creative

5) Sustainability and Transferability – how the project could be expanded upon; how it could be used as a template for others

6) Results and Benefits – what the outcomes of the project were; and the benefits to the participants and their schools


Teachers who wish their project/s to be part of the eTwinning National Awards must apply for the Quality Label by not later than 15th April. All applications will be evaluated within a fortnight from closing date. All those projects awarded the Quality Label by end of April 2011 will be eligible for the National Awards.

For more information or queries kindly contact the eTwinning National Support Service on etwinning@schoolnet.gov.mt or on 2598 2150.

Apply today for the eTwinning National Quality Label!

This is the first step towards participating in the European eTwinning Prizes 2011 competition!

You must have a European Quality Label to participate in the European eTwinning Prizes 2011 competition.

How do you get at European Quality Label?

The first step is to have a National Quality label. Applying is very easy, just login to your eTwinning Desktop and fill out the online form.

What is the National Quality Label?

The National Quality Label is concrete recognition to teachers and schools of the high level of their eTwinning activities within their project work. For pupils and teachers, this offers a boost to their work efforts, and for the school in general, it is a public affirmation of their commitment to quality and openness in European collaborative work.

Please note: National Quality Labels are awarded to individual project partners only via their respective National Support Services. If you are applying for a label, encourage your partners to do the same in their countries, as you will then be eligible to receive a European Quality Label.

Learn more about the National Quality Label

How is the National Quality Label linked to the European Quality Label and the European Prizes Competition?

If you want to apply for the European eTwinning Prizes 2011, be sure to apply for a National Quality Label, because you can’t get a European Quality Label without it.

The European Quality Label is a pre-requisite this year to apply for the European Prizes. Partners who have not received a European Quality Label are not eligible to participate in the eTwinning Prizes 2011 competition.

Step 1: Apply for a National Quality Label
Step 2: Encourage your partner(s) to do the same!
Step 3: Check the Portal to see if you have been awarded with a European Quality Label (next round awarded automatically in October 2010)
Step 4: Submit your project in the European Prizes 2011 competition (submission opens in October 2010)

How do you get a European Quality Label?

If more than one partner receives a National Quality Label for the same project, these two or more individuals then automatically receive a European Quality Label. The European Quality Label is now awarded only once a year (every October).

Individuals who have been awarded with the European Quality Label are then eligible to submit their project to the eTwinning Prizes competition, which is also launched every October.

Remember: Only the partners in a European Prize winning project who have received a national quality label can participate in the rewards.

Learn more about the European eTwinning Prizes competition

eTwinning: Thoughts for the summer…

Here are a few things you can do this summer before the new school year begins:

  • Update your Profile: Take the summer months as an opportunity to update your personal and school profiles with a photo of yourself, your project ideas for the next school year, etc. In case you have changed schools, age level or subject area, you can also update this without having to re-register.


  • Apply for an eTwinning Quality Label: If you were a partner in a successful eTwinning project during the 2008-2009 school year, be sure to apply for an eTwinning National Quality Label. This is your first step towards participating in next fall’s eTwinning Prizes 2010 competition.

Beyond that, keep an eye on the eTwinning Portal for inspiration and ideas – and enjoy your summer holidays!

eTwinning: Closing this school year, planning for the next!

We hope that you’ve had an enjoyable eTwinning year. We have seen a lot of great projects take flight over the last year within the new eTwinnig Portal and this is all thanks to your support and hard work. Well done!

Some things to keep in mind for the summer months:

eTwinning Quality Labels
If you have run a successful eTwinning project this year, apply for an eTwinning National Quality Label. This is your first step towards participating in next fall’s eTwinning Prizes 2010 competition.

The new TwinSpace
The new TwinSpace will be launched in September 2009. All projects approved after 1 September will be equipped with the new TwinSpace platform.

Closing projects
At the end of the summer, all running projects within the eTwinning Platform will be closed. In case you have a project that will continue, you can easily re-open it or, even better, register a new one with the new TwinSpace.

National Quality Labels

quality_label.jpgAll projects receive a certificate upon foundation, but when you start working and putting up material within your twinspace or other web spaces, you can then apply for the National Quality Label. This label is to certify that the work you are doing is of good quality. If both you and your partner obtain the National Quality Label from your respective NSS Coordinator, you will be entitled for the European Quality Label too.

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