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eTwinning Carnival Competition for Students

eTwinning Malta is launching a competition for Primary and Secondary School students – Recycling for Carnival – with the main aim of getting students documenting processes using ICT tools.

All participants will receive an eTwinning token and the most creative results in Primary and Secondary categories will be awarded the following items:

• 1st Prize: Webcams
• 2nd Prize: 2Gb Pendrives
• 3rd Prize: USB hubs


Competition process and regulations:

  1. Create a Carnival-related float, costume or mask using recycled materials.
  2. Take a number of photos during this process, from the raw materials (which would have been thrown away) till the finished product.
  3. Transfer the photos onto your computer.
  4. Use one of the following presentation software to show this step-by-step process.
  5. The students can work in groups of up to 4 (not a whole class activity) and each school can submit as many presentations as students prepare.
  6. Presentations can be sent to the eTwinning office:
  7. Presentations submitted for evaluation need to have:
    • Name of students (up to 4 students)
    • Age of students
    • College and School Name
    • Name of teacher/s mediating this initiative
  8. Deadline for submissions: Friday 11th March 2011 @ 12.00 noon

Geometry and Art eTwinning Project Partner needed

Enrica Maragliano is an Italian teacher of Maths and Physics at the Liceo Classico C. Colombo in Genova. Her 15 – 16 year old students are most often engaged in Humanities and Classical Languages projects but she would like to encourage them to love Sciences and Maths through an eTwinning project about Geometry and Art. Her students can work both in English and Italian languages.

The idea of the project would be to make the students realize that Geometry is everywhere around them. The students would have to identify monuments or buildings which where they can see geometrical shapes in them, photograph them, upload them in Geogebra and identify the Geometrical shapes there. Morever they would add up some information about the monument they chose and explain their choice in writing or in the production of a short video. The art teacher in the college is also enthusiastic to help in this project too.

Enrica Maragliano says:

I’d like to work with people from Malta because we are close and it’s interesting to compare the differences and similarities between our cultures. Moreover both people from Malta and from Genova were seamen and they had contacts in the ancient times. So we could discover some particular symbols in common between the two places.

If you are interested in joining Enrica Maragliano, you can look her up on the eTwinning Desktop in the FIND ETWINNERS section. You can also contact the National Support Service for more help at etwinning@schoolnet.gov.mt or on 25982150.

Flying Letters – eTwinning Project

flyinglettersTeachers from seven different countries have already started off a project titled ‘Flying Letters’ and are willing to have more teachers join them in this adventure.

The main aim of this project is to promote written English through interesting celebrations, national traditions and important things in students’ lives (school, games, exams…). The students involved in this project span from 10 to 12 years old. 

If you are interested in joining this project, you can search the founders in the FIND ETWINNERS section of your eTwinning desktop to contact them. Their names are: Magdalena Burzyk from Poland and Encarnación Linde Moraleda from Spain. Send them an internal email and ask to join the project.

Good luck!

Festivals and Rites eTwinning Project

jandiaTravelling has always been one of the most popular and exciting way of relaxing. Among many factors, which make people tour the world, is the desire of learning more about history and culture of visited country. Today’s world provides travellers with a huge range of guide books, which help them to prepare themselves to their voyages. However, familiarizing with customs, habits, rituals or rites is rather difficult as only locals are able to describe, explain and show the right ways foreigners should behave and experience them while visiting a foreign country. “Festivals and Rites” project will give students the chance to find out more about Polish and Spanish chosen festivities as well as distinguish the differences in typical festivals celebrated in both countries like Christmas. Students will prepare PowerPoint presentations presenting chosen celebrations (at least four) typical for their countries as well as one that is celebrated in both of them (Christmas). Each presentation will consist of a short description of the origin, date and the way the festivity is celebrated.

The founders of this project are Juan Ignacio Santana Domínguez from Spain and Alicja Giwojno from Poland. They would like to expand their project to other secondary teachers around Europe. Would you be interested in joining them? If yes, go to your eTwinning Desktop and paste one of the founders’ names and send them an email to ask them to join the project.

If you want help to enrol in eTwinning and join this project, you can also contact the National Support Service on 25982150 or on etwinning@schoolnet.gov.mt who can offer onsite support at your school by appointment.

Teen Talk – eTwinning Project

teensDeborah Nicholson, a Spanish teacher would like to start a new project  intended as a debate forum for teenagers to discuss a variety of current topics. She would like to include chat, a debate forum, video presentations, PowerPoints and Audio clips. The students will also introduce and present themselves to initiate the contact during the first part of the project.

If you have 13 to 16 year old students and would like to participate in this project, log on to your eTwinning Desktop at www.etwinning.net. Go to the FIND ETWINNERS tab and put Deborah Nicholson in the search box to locate her. Send her an internal email to show her your interest. 

For more information about eTwinning, don’t hesitate to contatct the eTwinning National Support Service on 25982150 or on etwinning@schoolnet.gov.mt.

Teen Talk – eTwinning project looking for partners

teentalkMs. Deborah Nicholson, a teacher in Spain, would like to start a new project intended as a debate forum for teenagers to debate a variety of current topics. This will include chat, debate forum, video presentations, PowerPoints and Audio clips.  Her students are between 13 and 16.

Would you like to join her? Go to www.etwinning.net and log on to your eTwinning Desktop. Go to FIND ETWINNERS and copy and paste the teacher’s name in the search box. Click on her name and send her an email requesting to join this project.

Good luck!

For more information about eTwinning you can contact the Malta National Support Service on etwinning@schoolnet.gov.mt or 25982150.

Culture Adventures across Europe – eTwinning Project

travel-europeAgnieszka Boćwińska, a Polish teacher together with inca hernandez, a Spanish teacher have recently started an eTwinning project called Culture Adventures across Europe and would like to invite other teachers to join them in this venture. The students participating in this project are 14 to 16 year olds.

The main aim of the project is to give the students the opportunity to use English in real life situations, especially while making friends with their peers from the partner countries.  They will work on an assigned topic in which they will have to explore the history, geography and culture of their own country. The presentation will be then exchanged with the foreign partner through email or on TwinSpace. The topics will include school life, Christmas traditions, special holidays and celebrations, folk culture, traditional cooking, historical events and figures, tourist attractions, celebrities and others… By actively raising their cultural awareness, the students will learn to value their own culture and also develop an attitude of interest and tolerance towards other cultures.

If you are interested in joining this project, you can contact either of the teachers through the eTwinning platform. Log on to your Desktop at www.etwinning.net and in FIND ETWINNERS copy and paste one of the names of the teachers shown here and send them an internal email requesting them to join this interesting project.

If you need any support to join this project, don’t hesitate to contact the Maltese National Support service on etwinning@schoolnet.gov.mt or on 25982150/79002150.