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eTwinning New Desktop and TwinSpace Seminar

Learn about the changes on the Portal, Desktop and TwinSpace -apply for our latest Seminar, to be held on Saturday 27th October from 09:30 – 13:00:  The eTwinning Desktop and TwinSpace Seminar!

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Three more eTwinning Teacher-Training workshops at Embed

On the third day of the eTwinning National Conference and Embed 2010, three more workshops were set up for teachers in the afternoon.


Ms. Amanda Debattista, eTwinning NSS, delivered a workshop called eTwinning for Primary Schools, in which the participants went through a review of the eTwinning portal and desktop and were given the opportunity to share and discuss projects they carried out during the year. On the second part of the workshop the participants were able to work with three online applications: Glogster, Sketchfu and Voki.


Ms. Marianne Schembri, eTwinning Ambassador, held a workshop about The New TwinSpace and VideoConferencing.  She showed how to manage pages and how to upload material in the new TwinSpace. In the second part of the session Elluminate was used to show the participants how to make a video conference with project partners abroad.


Ms. Mary Vassallo, Smart IWB trainer, held another workshop about The Use of the Smart Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom for beginners.

These three workshops were the last from the number of teacher-training workshops offered to teachers during the eTwinning National Conference and Embed 2010. From evaluations given by participants, all the workshops were considered useful and of great interest.

eTwinning Twinspace Seminar


Few spaces for this seminar are available. Please call on 25982150 / 79002150 to book or send an email to amromica@gmail.com till Wednesday 24th February.

An eTwinning pack will be given to all participants. Refreshments will be served after the seminar.

CMeLD 14/2010- TwinSpace Seminar for eTwinners

logoOn the 26th of February, 2010, eTwinning Malta is organising a seminar about the new TwinSpace, the collaborative workspace for registered eTwinning Projects. The seminar is open to Teachers and Kindergarten Assistants, in Primary and Secondary schools, who are currently taking part in an eTwinning Project, registered during Scholastic Year 2009-2010. This is due to the fact that the new TwinSpace is available only to those projects which have been registered during this year. An eTwinning pack  will be handed out to participants. The seminar will be delivered by Ms.Marianne Schembri, Malta’s Ambassador for eTwinning.

Download the official CMeLD Circular:  cmeld-14-twinspace-seminar-for-etwinners

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New TwinSpace Notes

twispaceThe Central Support Service (CSS) has just published a list of FAQ’s on the newly launched TwinSpace.  TwinSpace is a collaborative workspace which is automatically generated for all eTwinning Projects.  Projects founded after September 2009 have the new version of TwinSpace available. The new TwinSpace was created with LifeRay, and makes use of today’s Web 2.0 technology, such as Blogs, Wikis, and embedding of videos and animations.

For more information about the new TwinSpace, go to http://www.etwinning.net/en/pub/help/faq_for_twinspace.htm.  You can also call Malta’s National Support Service on 25982150.

eTwinning: Closing this school year, planning for the next!

We hope that you’ve had an enjoyable eTwinning year. We have seen a lot of great projects take flight over the last year within the new eTwinnig Portal and this is all thanks to your support and hard work. Well done!

Some things to keep in mind for the summer months:

eTwinning Quality Labels
If you have run a successful eTwinning project this year, apply for an eTwinning National Quality Label. This is your first step towards participating in next fall’s eTwinning Prizes 2010 competition.

The new TwinSpace
The new TwinSpace will be launched in September 2009. All projects approved after 1 September will be equipped with the new TwinSpace platform.

Closing projects
At the end of the summer, all running projects within the eTwinning Platform will be closed. In case you have a project that will continue, you can easily re-open it or, even better, register a new one with the new TwinSpace.